Ping Glide Wedge Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 4.8 out of 5
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    One of the most consistent performers.

  • Cons

    Shape and sound struggled to win favour.

  • RRP £105.00

What we say...


431 stainless steel heads. ¾” longer grip for control when gripping down. Loft optimized grooves feature varied radius and side wall angles to enhance performance on full shots but also grab and grip shorter pitch shots too.


Our verdict:

Its fair to say the Glide divided opinion, as questions were asked about the relevance of the cavity back on such short shots and the beauty of the head shape.  What’s really important is that you get the right sole grind to suit your game, as not only does each perform differently but they also look very different too. Confidence is everything when you’re standing over a 30 yard parachute shot over a bunker and by getting a head shape you love and a sole grind to suit your personal attack angle you’re maximising your chances of success.  


Bottom line:

A top quality wedge with plenty of tech to help stop shots quickly. Each tester found on full and half shots spin was consistently near the top of the pile.    

The Dylawedge grip is three-quarters of an inch longer and has softer tapering, which enables you to comfortably grip even further down the shaft for added control. Plus, grip-down indicators at 1 3/8-inch intervals enable you to change your grip position accurately and consistently.

There are three grind options to suit your technique and the courses you play. Wide Sole suits a steeper attack angle, Standard Sole for a more traditional technique and Thin Sole is ideal for a more sweeping action. Overall there are 13 loft/sole options from 47°-60°, with optimised bounce for each combination.

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Product Information

Lofts 47deg, 50deg, 52deg, 54deg, 56deg, 58deg, 60deg
Head options Standard sole (SS), Thin sole (TS), Wide sole (WS), Eye Sole(ES)
Shaft CFS wedge shaft

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Ping Wedges User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Game Changer

    By Julian Pegg

    I tried these out as a demo set from my Pro Shop and immediately won my first competition since joining the club! So ordered my own that week... The option to choose the level of bounce and leading edge was a big factor in picking these wedges. I went for the 52 degree SS (only option) and the 58 TS as there is less bounce which is great when the ground became harder in summer month and hopefully in winter. I like the look and the though the glare off them can hit your eyes when the sun is out this is only a small issue. Generate good spin and I can feel confident to hit them harder.

  • 4 out of 5 Very Good Wedges

    By TWV

    I needed a Gap wedge to complement my Vokey 60 degree lob wedge and Cleveland sand wedge and settled upon the Ping Glide 52 degree wedge. Was initially put off by the feedback on these wedges on TD, but I have not found the leading edge on my club to be an issue at all, even on the tightest lies. Club is easy to align and ball travels very high and stops quickly. Distance is about 95 yards with a 3/4 swing, perhaps 110/115 full swing. Club does feel a little heavy, may be the shaft is a little stiff, but that is a benefit if pitching from the rough. Club is very forgiving across the entire face, more so then the Vokey, about the same as the Cleveland. Would recommend them.

  • 5 out of 5 11 Handicapper!

    By CJH

    A solid reliable feel to these wedges. Got fitted for 52/56/60 and all perform admirably. They look great too!! Far superior to my previous unfitted Callaways.

  • 5 out of 5 16 Handicapper!

    By P44cka

    Purchased a 56 and 52 SS yesterday and they are truly awesome! Get fitted properly. The stopping power of the club is exceptional, from a previous 'pitch and roller' it's inspiring to see the transformation.