READER TEST: Galvin Green Interface-1 Lance Jacket

Could you ever really wear a jacket for the 95% of rounds you play? That’s the claim Galvin Green make with their new Interface-1 range.

Galvin have cornered the market when it comes to premium performance waterproofs over the last 15 years. Now their focus has turned to changing how golfers think about sweaters and wind jackets thanks to a brand-new high performance Interface-1 fabric. We asked four TG readers to put a new Interface-1 Lance jacket through its paces.

The testers:

Galvin Green Lance Interface-1 Jacket

Q: First impression of the Interface-1 fabric, and the jackets cut and fit?

BT: It’s incredibly light, very thin to feel and hard to believe it’s such a high performance jacket. The arm length is spot on, and the hem just covers my belt, ideal for playing without restriction.
GI: I was really surprised how quiet the interface fabric is when moving, it’s unlike traditional jackets I’ve worn. The cut was perfect for my shape.
NC: The look instantly struck me. Simple, stylish, stretchy and very comfortable. Galvin are well known for great fitting garments, Lance’s cut is excellent.  
RF: Very impressed, the fabric feels great to touch and looks smart. The fit’s good allowing free movement when swinging.

Q: Galvin Green have cornered the market when it comes to waterproofs, but is the Lance and Interface-1 more useful than a waterproof jacket?

BT: It’s incredibly versatile and almost certainly a waterproof jacket replacement if you don’t do winter golf. The Lance folds almost flat and weighs next to nothing. It’s night and day lighter than my normal jacket, smaller in the bag and there’s no issues when swinging a club.  
GI: I wore it over a polo shirt during a light shower that turned into consistent rain, and it kept me dry. Even though it’s not guaranteed waterproof it’s a great summer rain jacket and you wouldn’t say that about traditional wet weather wear.
NC: I 100 per cent agree. The Lance is lightweight and less clumsy. It’s easy to pop on quickly and doesn’t get in the way of your swing. It rolls up to next to nothing and tucks into any small pocket in a golf bag, it’s already replaced my old club jumper and waterproof jacket.
RF: Definitely, I would wear it instead of a sweater or a jacket, it’s far more practical and lighter. Surprisingly it also kept me warm in a cold rainstorm too, it really is a true performance garment.

Q: But surely there must be some niggles? Will you really wear a jacket for 95 per cent of the rounds you play like Galvin claim?

BT: My only concern would be snagging the fabric on a branch or bush because it’s so thin, but we’ve all caught jumpers in brambles before. The acid test will be winter golf, in prolonged rain, but that’s what guaranteed waterproof jackets are for really. One thing that really impressed me was how quickly the Lance air dried in just a few minutes, you don’t get that with a sweater or heavy jacket.
GI: I played a round which involved sun, sea, sand, wind and rain in Devon during the test period and the Lance had all the answers, so I’m inclined to agree. None of us want to admit a British summer will involve wearing a jacket.  
NC: I completely agree, the jacket does what it says it will. It’s without doubt the lightest jacket I’ve ever played golf in. It doubles up as a wind stop, and keeps off rain showers whilst also breathing to keep you comfortable. I am yet to find
a negative.
RF: The Lance is the thinnest, lightest golf garment I’ve ever worn, which makes a difference on the golf course. All golfers want to play golf with the sun on their backs, but being realistic in the UK we don’t get perfect golfing conditions too often, 95 per cent might be about right. 

Q: Ok so the Lance Interface-1 is £230 to buy, is that a fair price and would you recommend it to other golfers?

BT: As a standalone wind jacket £230 is pricey, but it’s versatile and able to handle different conditions. Galvin are a premium performance brand and know golfers will pay. It’s a great garment. 
GI: The cost is justified because it’s a dual-purpose jacket for on and off the golf course. I’d recommend it.
NC: Considering how Interface-1 can replace multiple other jackets and sweaters yes I think the price is right,
I’ve already recommended it!
RF: For the use I’ll get out of the jacket the price is fair. I’d 100% recommend it.

The product:

Galvin Green Lance Interface-1 Jacket £230

Galvin Green Lance Interface-1 Jacket

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