Should you chip with the pin in or out?

In our biggest questions answered series, we decided to finally find out which is better – and whether you should keep the pin in or out? 

We all know people on either side of the debate, and you might have a particular preference on having the flag in or out when you are around the green. But lets face it, there’s probably a times you’ve found a good lie around the green, taken a couple of practice swings and then told your playing partner to “just take the flag out”.

It is a bold move, and according to NASA scientist turned short game guru, Dave Pelz, it is also the wrong one.

“If you are chipping from just off the green, you really want to leave the pin in,” reveals the man who honed Phil Mickelson’s wedge play.

“I’ve tested both methods and my research revealed that, because a collision with the pin absorbs some of the ball’s energy, you make 35 per cent more chip shots if you leave the pin in.”

“The only exceptions to this rule are when the pin is moving in the wind or leaning towards you due to the cup being damaged.”

We aren’t going to argue with 35% more chance, so we’ll certainly be keeping the pin in from now on! 

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