How to stop fatting your golf irons

Too much hip rotation in the golf downswing is a common cause of heavy (or fat) iron shots. Here’s how to avoid it…

1. Top of backswing

The best golfers shift the lead knee and hip towards the target even before the club starts changing direction into the downswing. The weight is moving forwards before you’ve really completed the backswing.

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2. Left arm parallel

By this point in the downswing the knees have returned to their original flexed position from address. The back leg will have straightened and lead leg flexed a little more during the backswing.

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Golf pro Andy Gordon stops you from fatting your irons.

3. Shaft parallel

As the arms continue to fall and the shaft reaches parallel to the ground, the hips have rotated back to the angle they were at address and shifted slightly towards the target as the weight shifts into the lead leg.

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4. Impact position

The left leg straightens a little as you move into the impact position. You can see my hips are now slightly open to the target and my belt buckle has shifted towards the target as the weight transfer continued.

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