World renowned Dave Pelz Golf School rolls into Brocket Hall

Brocket Hall added to 2024’s European roster of premier clubs offering the shot-saving Dave Pelz Scoring Game School.

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Fixing your short game can feel like a never-ending quest throughout your golf journey.

Reading the lie, selecting the wedge, stance, ball positioning, weight distribution, trajectory, landing area – I’ve not even moved the club yet. It can feel like rocket science at times!

Thankfully (and if like me), you’re not well-versed in aerospace engineering and astrodynamics – we know a man who is!

He goes by the name of Dave Pelz – who played at Indiana University on a four-year golf scholarship and later received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Indiana University.

Dave Pelz working with Phil Mickelson.

It was here that Pelz came to a swift realization that his touch wasn’t as good as it needed to be to earn a living playing golf and his silver lining would have to be found elsewhere.

That was to come in the form of a position at Goddard Space Flight Center, conducting research on the Earth’s atmosphere and other planets in the Solar System for NASA.

A 15-year orbit in space later, Pelz’s love for the game pulled him back to Earth, and this time with the mission of combining the worlds of science and art on golf’s green canvas.

The ‘Big Bang’ Moment

Inspired by his physics professor, Pelz immersed himself in his thoughts and research, unwilling to be influenced or limited by current thinking at the time on how golf should be played.

Those values lead to an epic three-year data entry on shots from thousands of rounds, concluding that 60% of shots are from 100 yards in, and those more proficient in this area are more likely to see success on the scorecard.

More precisely, Pelz calculates that 80% of shots to par are lost within this distance!

Pelz calculates that 80% of shots are lost from 100 yards in.

Data crunched and problem established, Pelz set to work on laying the foundations for a new teaching methodology, aimed at revolutionizing how players of all abilities approach their short games.

In 1985, his first school opened to the public, and over 100,000 golfers have attended a Dave Pelz Scoring Game School 1, 2, or 3-day session.

The program is designed to meet the needs of all handicap levels, not just for those of us who partake in chipping roulette – alternating between fatting, knifing, or getting it just right!

The school register confirms the attendance of Colin Montgomery, Vijay Singh, and most notably Phil Mickelson. And if these guys can learn a thing or two, the rest of us should probably be more excited at the prospect of getting back to school!

Dave Pelz Scoring Game School

So, what exactly is the Scoring Game School? Golf schools are not typically commonplace in the UK but are we overlooking the best investment we can make in our golf games?

Pelz defines The Scoring Game as a combination of the short game, which includes all shots played inside 100 yards of the green, plus the putting game, designed to produce long-term improvement.

Every Scoring Game School curriculum is taught through a combination of classroom theory sessions and outdoor execution sessions, led by Pelz’s team of hand-picked, highly-trained teaching professionals.

The low student-to-teacher ratio allows instructors to concentrate solely on their students, and students on their instruction, providing the best opportunity to develop reliable short games and putting skills.

A max 4:1 student to teacher ratio enhances the quality of tuition at the Scoring Game School.

Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools are offered at a range of premier golf clubs across the US and Europe, and from April 2024 will extend its roster to include Brocket Hall Estate in the Hertfordshire countryside, ideal for those commutable to the London and Home Counties.

For those looking to combine a golfing holiday with world-class short-game tuition, 3-day Schools will be running monthly at Quinta do Lago in Portugal, one of the very Best Golf Resorts in Europe.

Students opting for a 3-Day School will experience Pelz’s ultimate and most comprehensive short game and putting program, but for those with less time, 1-day clinics are offered, providing a focused and fun learning experience.

Viktor Hovland playing out the sand.

Q&A with Dave Pelz

We put some questions to the short-game guru himself to find out first-hand about his approach to coaching and what golfers are set to gain from going back to school!

What can golfers expect from their time at the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School?

Golfers come away from the Dave Pelz 3-day scoring game school with a toolbox and methodology to improve their scoring game of pitching, chipping sand, and putting skills. Our Pelz certified Instructors explain the research behind the methodology. They help students understand and demonstrate how to execute the various wedge shots and putting. The instructors initiate the process of learning how to execute scoring shots and explain how to continue the learning process after attending.  Also, they provide videos and written feedback with which to reference and practice the concepts we teach after attending.

What makes this experience different from other short-game tuition?

Firstly, the 3-day school has no more than a 4:1 student-to-instructor ratio which ensures students fully understand and internalise the agenda. The agenda is based on Dave Pelz’s 40 years of research and his 7 bestselling books on the short game. When Dave opened his scoring game schools many touring professionals attended including Tom Kite, Paul Azinger, Vijay Singh, and Colin Montgomery.

Vijay Singh is one of the many tour pros to have attended Pelz's schools.

Can you explain a little about how science and research is used to drive the instruction?

The truth is the Game of Golf is really about science and physics. Balls roll on greens, up and down slopes, sand absorbs energy from moving balls, clubheads impart energy to balls, and so on.

A student of physics has an inherent advantage in understanding “how” the game of Golf works. But knowing physics does not help Golfers learn the proper “feels” of golf swings. I understand physics and am a keen student of the game. As such, all of my instructors and I build our instruction around scientific principles.

How has your background in physics helped shape your practice?

My teaching is based on measurements and testing of Golfers, and how they can improve. My scientific study of the game has led me to emphasize the Short Game and Putting – “The Scoring Game” – which are easier for students to improve in and are most efficient in shooting lower scores.

Jordan Spieth is regarded as one of the best putters in the game by Pelz.

Can players tailor their time towards a particular part of their short game that they might be struggling with?

Students let us know by questionnaire what their biggest Scoring Game fear is; however, as instructors, we know that students don’t always know what their weaknesses are. By studying their skills or lack thereof, we try to optimize the amount a player can learn in the time available. We also chart a course for their future practice.

Do you have a coaching philosophy, and if so, how would you describe it?

I believe Practice does not make Perfect. Practice makes Permanent. Poor practice creates permanently poor golfers. After measuring a player’s weakness, we teach them ways to improve their Golf techniques. Only perfect practice moves Golfers toward perfection.

Which tour player/s today has a short game to which all club golfers should pay attention?

Phil Mickelson has the best short game of any player I have ever seen (and measured). Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth have incredibly good short games also.

Phil Mickelson has the best short game Pelz has ever seen.

And what of the news that your UK teaching hub is now at Brocket Hall in London?

We are delighted with our new location at Brocket Hall. Their short-game facility is one of the finest in the South East. It has a wonderful clubhouse, 5-star hotel accommodation, two golf courses, and a highly-rated destination restaurant Auberge Du Lac. The practice area is world class with a large bunker complex, extensive putting greens, and a dedicated area for pitching and chipping instruction. Michael Longshaw, GM, at Brocket Hall, and his team are looking forward to hosting our Pelz Scoring Game Instructors and to welcoming our students during 2024.

For more information and bookings visit the Pelz Golf website or check out the Pelz Golf social media channels on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

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