TaylorMade reveal new TP5/TP5x golf balls

TaylorMade have revealed new  TP5 / TP5X golf balls which have more stiffness and a 10% softer urethane cover – resulting in faster ball speeds and more yards

Improving a golf ball played regularly by 4 – 6 of the worlds top 10 players, sounds like a monumental task. It’s an even bigger job when you factor in how Rory, DJ, Jason Day, Jon Rahm and Justin Rose all didn’t want to change the ball either.

Eric Loper (Director of Product Development, Golf Ball R&D at TaylorMade) landed the gig and between him and his team of engineers and scientists they’ve spent four years developing a brand new 30% stiffer HFM material.

TaylorMade say the material is so good the tour player results have been mind-boggling. World #6 Jon Rahm is rumoured to have picked up 5mph of ball speed with his driver. And the passionate Spaniard for the first time hit 186mph of ball speed and reckoned ‘he felt sorry for anyone not playing the new TP5 and TP5 X in 2019’.

It took 125 attempts at different blends to get the HFM (high flex material) material just right and the new compound sits just beneath the cover. TaylorMade reckon it increases stiffness, and is more efficient at converting deflection into forward momentum. Basically like a stiffer spring, the more force applied, the more bounce and energy you get back.

TaylorMade say during tour pro test sessions they’ve seen an average 1.7mph gain in ball speed with similar levels of driver spin, better greenside control, and the same great TP5 feel. They reckon that adds up to an average of 5+ yard gains with the driver but what’s more impressive is an 8 yard gain in carry distance with irons. HFM isn’t the only improvement.

A new 10% softer urethane cover pinches more in the grooves of wedges for extra control, and special attention’s been focused on a new paint, which is said to increase scuff resistance, even on cart paths.    

TaylorMade say unlike the majority of balls available the new TP5 which is the only 5 layered ball out on tour has no compromises in performance. If you’re in any doubt which might best suit your game, make a decision based on feel. TP5 is softer (85 compression) while X is firmer with a 97 compression.  

Ball Construction Cover Ball Speed Playability Traj Feel Spin
TP5 5 Layers Soft tough
cast urethane
Faster Workable Mid Softer Higher
TP5X 5 Layers Soft tough
cast urethane
Faster Piercing High Soft High


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