Tested: Mizuno JPX921 irons

Mizuno JPX921 irons revealed as brand looks to build on Koepka’s Major success with stunning new family.

Mizuno JPX irons have helped Brooks Koepka to four Major Championships. But the big-hitting American Ryder Cup star isn’t paid to play the irons, he chooses to, and that is one of the biggest compliments (and marketing boosts) a brand could ever hope for.

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The new Mizuno JPX921 irons.

The Japenese brand’s irons have long been the choice of Tour pros who aren’t tied to golf equipment contracts, but it was Nike’s exit from the golf club market in 2016 that gave Mizuno the boost they needed.

Suddenly a free agent, Koepka chose the JPX900 Tour irons, going on to win the 2017 and 2018 US Opens and the 2018 PGA Championship with them.

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The feat single-handedly rebooted Mizuno’s forged iron business and attracted that new, younger golfer they had been chasing.

Mizuno JPX921 wedge.

When the JPX919 Tour irons launched, Koepka put them straight in play and quickly won his fourth Major at the US PGA in 2019. Two years on, the family is getting an update, but how many of the big four will the JPX921 irons bag?

Here’s a full rundown of the range and which type of player each model will suit.

Mizuno JPX921 Forged iron

Mizuno JPX 921 forged

The headline grabber in the new range, this is the first full-body forged chromoly steel iron.

The new 4120 material means less ball speed leakage over the 919 Forged iron. It has been squeezed slightly more towards a players iron than previous models, thanks mainly to smaller, slimmer scoring irons.

Mizuno say it’s perfect for golfers who want a bit of everything [forged feel and sound, fast ball speeds, great looks and a degree of forgiveness], but don’t want to compromise to get it.

JPX921 Forged will be available from September 17, priced £150 per iron.

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Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons

Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons

Straight hitter? This is the iron for you.

Mizuno say this model is a little thicker behind the hitting area to improve sound, while the shorter irons have narrower soles to improve turf interaction.

The centre of gravity is further from the shaft axis, so you have to work harder to shape shots, meaning JPX921 Tour will fall into the hands of ‘point and shoot’ players. If you’re more of a shaper of the golf ball then check out Mizuno MP-20 MB irons.

JPX921 Tour will available from September 17, priced £150 per iron.

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Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro irons

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro irons.

The success of the Hot Metal Pro rests on how many ‘players’ the brand can convert to this new model.

For the last 12 months the Pro has outsold the Forged [a first-year product against one in its second], but now the two go head-to-head. It’s likely to come down to how much premium golfers put on a Mizuno Forged feel over the cast chromoly Hot Metal Pro.

We’re talking fractions but the longer Hot Metal Pro irons are a little larger, the short irons slightly more compact, and offset across the set has increased a fraction to match the JPX 921 Forged.

Hot Metal Pro will be available from September 17, priced £135 per iron.

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Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal irons

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal irons.

Chromoly 4140M steel is now in its third generation of iron, and at Mizuno that means the tech has matured.

Mizuno have made the Hot Metal from the same material for two previous product cycles across four, which means they know how best to use it, and it’s likely they’re close to maximising it.

The game-improving Hot Metal is cast, and this one has grown fractionally in blade length for the long and mid-irons, where the short irons are more compact. There’s also a little more offset across the set.

Hot Metal will be available from September 17, priced £120 per iron.

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Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi hybrid

Mizuno's JPX Fli Hi hybrid.

The JPX Fli-H hybrids allow golfers to build combo sets with the new JPX921 irons. 

The hybrids have a 17-4 stainless steel face and 431 body to deliver an upgrade in ball speed and higher flight. The bendable hosel allows for adjustments in lie angle while a deeper centre of than its predecessor produces more predictable launch and spin rates for more reliable distance gaps between clubs.

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The new tighter, hybrid-shaped 29-degree Fli-Hi is built to the exact loft and length spec as the JPX921 Hot Metal 7-iron, with the wider fairway-type 20-degree model using a little more loft and a slightly longer shaft than the JPX921 Hot Metal 4-iron. Mizuno say this set-up makes it easier to hit the right distance consistently.

JPX Fli-Hi will be available from September 17, priced £135 each.

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