REVEALED: New TaylorMade Spider putters for 2021

TaylorMade reveal new Spider putters for 2021, including highly anticipated Spider EX

TaylorMade Spider putters are firmly established as one of the most popular choices among golfers from tour pros to high handicappers. 

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The new TaylorMade Spider putters for 2021 – Spider Ex, Spider X Hydroblast, Spider SR and Spider S.

“When we first introduced the original Spider putter in 2008, we never could have anticipated the global phenomenon it has become,” says Bill Price, TaylorMade’s putters and wedges guru.

“With widespread adoption on tours around the world, not only has it become one of the company’s top-selling putters of all time, it has truly shifted the paradigm of putter design toward high-MOI mallets.

“I’m proud to have played a role in the evolution of Spider and what it has become today.”

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There has been a sea change, with golfers of all abilities now more likely than ever to opt for a mallet putter over a blade, thanks to the increased stability, forgiveness, and alignment aids they tend to offer.

For 2021, TaylorMade have expanded the Spider range with four new putters: Spider EX, Spider X Hydro Blast, Spider S and Spider SR.

Each model is equipped with a specialised True PathTM alignment system that fits the putter’s shape while aiding certain golfer profiles.

The TaylorMade Spider putters for 2021 - Spider Ex, Spider X Hyrdoblast, Spider SR and Spider S.

“A lot goes into hitting a solid putt,” says Price. “With this new class of Spider putters, we focused on removing two of those variables: aim and alignment.

“Each model features its own True Path that simplifies the aiming process and helps golfers set up to the ball the same way time after time.

“While each putter brings something unique to the table, they are bonded by a foundation of forgiveness, stability, and True Path alignment that makes it easier to aim.”

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Spider EX | Confidence You Can Feel

RRP £299

TaylorMade Spider EX putter

Spider EX is the leading light of the four new models, utilising an advanced multi-material construction to deliver optimal stability.

The lightweight aluminium frame and carbon composite center allow for strategic perimeter weighting, increasing MOI for consistent roll across the face and more forgiveness. It features two 28g steel weights near the heel and toe, as well as heavy tungsten weights at the rear. The exact amount of tungsten varies for precision swing weighting in reference to putter length.

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Compared to Spider X, the new Spider EX model is slightly larger (+3.5mm from heel to toe and +2.7mm front to back) but with a more streamlined shape that features softer lines and a more rounded backside.

The Spider EX putter features TaylorMade’s new True Path technology, which means it is optically engineered to make it easier to aim, featuring a reflective white colour that spans the putter’s topline and allows golfers to use the face for alignment. Three dots enclosed by dual rails are used to centre the ball and promote a consistent address position. White was strategically selected as it is the most reflective colour and provides a clear focal point that makes the stroke and the path of the roll more visible.

TaylorMade Spider Ex putter features the new True Path  alignment technology.

Spider EX features a new Pure Roll2 insert, marking the company’s first multi-material insert made with co-molded construction. White TPU urethane surrounds eight silver aluminium beams to create 45° grooves designed to produce better roll and feel characteristics.

The all-new Fluted FeelTM shaft adds to this putter’s feel properties. It features a soft tip section intently designed to enhance feel, increase stability, and tighten dispersion. TaylorMade engineers worked in conjunction with KBS to develop this new shaft and, in the process, tested multiple iterations in a collaborative effort to maintain stability while adding feel.

“With existing shaft options, many players told us they couldn’t feel the full weight of the putter head or feel the toe release,” says Price. “We didn’t want to just make the shaft softer (add flex) to improve feel at the sacrifice of stability. That inspired us to go this journey with KBS and develop a shaft that delivers on both fronts.”

The TaylorMade Spider Ex putter comes in three colours.

Collectively, Spider EX is designed for easy aim, better feel and enhanced stability to provide golfers with more confidence on the putting green.

Available stock lengths include 33″, 34″ and 35″.

Offered in three different colorways: Platinum/White, Navy/White and Ghost White.

Hosel options include short slant (all colors), flow neck (Platinum/White & Ghost White) and single bend (Platinum/White & Navy/White).

It comes equipped with the TaylorMade Fluted FeelTM shaft and Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip as stock.

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Spider X Hydro Blast | Proven Performance with a New Look

RRP £269

TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast putter

The TaylorMade Spider X putter is the best-selling model in the franchise’s history, delivering proven performance at every level of the game. On Tour, it has accounted for 11 victories over the last two-plus seasons (including the start of the 2020-21 season) while also producing record-setting numbers at retail.

Spider X Hydro Blast builds on that tradition of success with an all-new colourway and finishing process. The high-pressure application of water to the aluminium body creates a smooth and premium finish in a rich silver colourway. Added durability is a byproduct of this process, as the absence of paint means no surface blemishes related to chipping and greater scratch resistance.

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The Spider X Hydro Blast maintains the same advanced multi-material construction as the original Spider X, relying on a combination of aluminium (2g), steel (6g) and tungsten (12g) weights along with a composite centre to optimise MOI and stability.

TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast putter

Its Tour-proven True Path design aids in alignment, while its white TPU Pure RollTM insert delivers a soft feel and 45° grooves encourage better forward roll as well as improved sound, feel and overall roll characteristics compared to a solid face.

Available stock lengths include 33″, 34″ and 35″.

It comes equipped with the KBS Chrome C-Taper Stepless shaft and Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip as stock.

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Spider S & Spider SR | High Stability Forgiveness

RRP £269

The TaylorMade Spider S and SR putters.

TaylorMade introduced the Spider S in 2020 as the most forgiving model in the Spider family, with an MOI of more than 6,000. The company has refreshed that original design with a new arrow-shaped True Path inspired by archery’s pinpoint precision.

The newly engineered alignment system is optically designed to make it easier for golfers to aim. Located on the topline, it provides a clear focal point that is the exact width of a golf ball, which helps with consistent address positions and face direction.

Spider S is manufactured from high-grade 6061 aluminium and is 100-percent machine milled for precision shaping. The square-shaped putter head is outfitted with two 42g sole weights strategically placed near the toe and heel to help stabilise the putter while optimising CG location.

TaylorMade Spider S 2021 putter.

A heavy tungsten backbar is used to further optimise swing weight based on the length of the putter. Coming in four different weights ranging from 40g to 70g, the backbar at the rear of the putter is designed to influence head weight, feel and performance.

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Stability is the calling card of the Spider family. With the all-new Spider SR (Stability Refined), TaylorMade delivers high-MOI performance in a Tour-inspired double wing shape. The multi-material design features two back weights crafted from either steel (10g) or tungsten (15g, 20g) to optimise swing weight.

Due to a smaller footprint (5mm shorter front to back), Spider SR has a slightly lower MOI than Spider S. However, it’s still among the most stable and forgiving putters in the current Spider lineup. Another key differentiator is how True Path is positioned within the cavity behind the putter face. Also drawing inspiration from archery, the arrow-shaped design delivers an easy-to-aim alignment tool that promotes consistently centered ball positions at address.

TaylorMade Spider SR 2021 putter

Both Spider SR and Spider S are equipped with the all-new Fluted FeelTM shaft, delivering enhanced feel and optimal stability to putters that are already designed for forgiveness. The Tour-proven TPU Pure Roll insert provides a soft feel, and 45° grooves encourage better forward roll as well as improved sound, feel and overall roll characteristics compared to a solid face.

Available stock lengths include 33″, 34″ and 35″. Both come equipped with the TaylorMade Fluted FeelTM shaft and Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip as stock.

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TaylorMade Spider putters custom options

The all-new 2021 Spider models will also be available via Custom. Options include any length between 32″ – 37″ (quarter of an inch increments) LH or RH, loft & lie adjusted by up to 2° and the choice of 11 different grips (all FOC).

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