Wilson revives legendary Dynapower name for 2023 woods and irons

It’s nearly 70 years since Wilson’s Dynapower redefined power and distance in irons. Now the brand is bringing the name back with revolutionary drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

Dynapower was one of the best golf club franchises in golf history, which is why Wilson want to share the name with another generation of golfers.

The 1956 iron revolutionized the game with game-changing weight distribution and in 1971 it became the only golf club to ever be hit on the moon when Alan Shepard, commander of Apollo 14, took four swipes with a 6-iron he’d snuck onboard.

The Wilson Dynapower drivers.

2023 sees another first for DynaPower as it becomes Wilson’s first Tour spec fully adjustable driver. Wilson used the same A.I. computer design process that produced the award-winning Wilson D9 wood range to analyze thousands of clubhead aesthetics and produce the most effective design possible. That has resulted in both carbon fiber and titanium head options along with a dynamic face thickness to ensure fast ball speeds and maximize forgiveness on off-center hits.

The Wilson Dynapower carbon driver.

The carbon model (RRP £420), available in 9º, 10.5º and 12º, targets golfers wanting to work the ball off the tee, with lightweight composite panels on the crown and sole combining with a 12g weight to move the center of gravity low and forward, lowering the head’s spin and encouraging a neutral to fade ball flight.

The Wilson Dynapower titanium driver.

The titanium version (RRP £370), available in 9º, 10.5º and 13º, is aimed at players who want to maximize distance with a straighter ball flight. It uses a 16g rear weight to produce a high MOI head with a deep, rear center of gravity helping to deliver a higher and more forgiving launch with a neutral to draw bias.

“Research shows golfers hit 25% more GIR from the fairway, while around 60% of average 10-handicappers hit the green from 125-150 yards out, so that’s why the powerful new Dynapower driver offers many golfers the best opportunity to post better scores,” Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation based in Chicago, said.

The Wilson Dynapower drivers are fully adjustable.

The Dynapower drivers include a new dynamic six-way adjustable hosel that enables fitters to make quick shaft changes, while golfers can benefit from easy one-click launch and spin adjustments. We’ll put it to the test when we pit 2023’s best drivers head-to-head in our test centre.

Wilson Dynapower irons.

Alongside the drivers are the all-new Wilson Dynapower irons (RRP £700 steel, £800 graphite – 5-SW) which utilize some of the thinking behind the originals to optimize feel, speed and distance and see Wilson use Artificial Intelligence outside of their woods for the first time. The thousands of clubhead data variations and aesthetics were analyzed to produce the most effective and pleasing shape possible. The resulting design then incorporated Power Hole 3.0 technology to deliver maximum ball speed across the face of each club.

Wilson say the model is for aspirational 10+ handicappers searching for distance and they’ve certainly done their homework. They reckon 85% of iron shots hit by 10+ handicappers are hit towards the toe and the Dynapower’s new weight set-up draws mass to the toe, centering the CG position to enhance feel, ball speed and carry distance.

Wilson Dynapower irons.

Expect a large confidence-inspiring mid-high handicap head shape with a reasonably thin topline and moderate amounts of hosel offset. A 4-iron and Gap Wedge are also available outside of the 5-SW stock sets with all irons available in right and left-handed versions.

“The face on the new Dynapower irons is the thinnest we’ve ever designed relative to the overall average thickness,” said Pergande. “The thinner topline, generous offset and a longer smooth hosel provide a pleasing look at address and the A.I. methods helped us to reposition weight to drive new solutions for both power and distance.”

We’ll find out where Dynapower ranks among 2023’s best golf irons when we pit all the new models head-to-head.

Wilson Dynapower fairway wood.

The Wilson Dynapower family is completed by fairway woods (RRP £220) and hybrids (RRP £195), which were designed using the same A.I. techniques as the driver, and feature a high MOI head design and advanced Tour-inspired shape to inspire players off the tee and deck.

Developed with the help of Wilson’s Tour players, their feedback has resulted in a flatter profile for a clean setup behind the ball.

The fairway woods incorporate a 12g rear weight that delivers a forgiving high launch angle and ball flight. They are available in 3-wood (15º men’s, 15.5º women’s), 5-wood (18º, 18.5º), and 7-wood (21º, 21.5º).

Wilson Dynapower hybrid.

The Dynapower hybrid features variable face thickness and internal weighting to position the center of gravity low and back to produce an easy-to-launch ball flight that is more forgiving. It is available in 3H (19º men’s only), 4H (22º men’s, 22.5º women’s), 5H (25º, 25.5º), and 6H (28º, 28.5º).

The Wilson Dynapower range is available from early March 2023.


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