Cobra Vintage Putters: Everything you need to know about the new range reimagined for 2024

Cobra unveils their uber-soft range of Vintage putters that roll perfectly off the innovative PEBAX insert

If you’re in the market for one of the best golf putters, the choice is more extensive than it’s ever been! Your putter is arguably the most important club in the bag, therefore it’s important to find the perfect one for you – it could be one from Cobra’s brand new Vintage series.

Cobra have released eight putters in the Vintage series, giving you plenty of models to choose from. Whether you putt straight back and straight through, or with a severe arc, there’s a putter for you in this new range of Vintage putters.

Cobra's new range of Vintage putters sit wonderfully behind the ball

Like any club in your bag, putters are packed with technology. Cobra have incorporated LA GOLF’s patented Descending Loft Technology into this putter series and their 3D Printed putter range. Another feature of the Vintage range is the PEBAX face insert which gives every putter in this series an incredibly soft feeling.

Of all the technological advancements made by Cobra in their Vintage series of putters, I was blown away by how soft the insert is, yet how responsive the feedback is from the club face. Cobra have been able to achieve this sensation by crafting the PEBAX face insert from a lightweight and responsive thermoplastic elastomer.

Cobra's new range of Vintage putters feature the LA GOLF patented Descending Loft Technology

The Descending Loft Technology incorporated into this Vintage putter series offers players four different lofts in one club. This innovative technology sees the club face descend in loft from top to bottom in one-degree increments – starting at four degrees and ending at one degree. planes of loft, descending from the top to the bottom (4, 3, 2, 1) in one-degree increments. This design helps to provide optimal launch on every stroke while delivering unparalleled end-over-end roll performance.

Another new component of the Vintage putter series is the machine-detailed 304 stainless steel construction which features a fully metal injected molding (MIM). The weights on the sole of the putter can be removed and replaced with heavier or lighter weights – depending on your preference. Cobra offers five different sole weights (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, and 25g) that can easily be interchanged to tailor the putter to your requirements.

“The new Vintage series is aimed at players looking for precision manufacturing and advanced technologies with a more traditional look and soft feel,” said Jose Miraflor, VP Marketing & Product Architecture at Cobra. “We’re excited about the new softer response PEBAX insert and think players will be equally excited once they try it.”

With eight models to choose from when the putters release on February 23, let’s take a look at the full Cobra Vintage putter series new for 2024…

Cobra Vintage Sport-40 Putter

Cobra Vintage Sport-40

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

The Sport-40 is a blade putter with a plumber neck, and it has 40° of toe hang. Cobra are hopeful of this putter competing with the best blade putters of 2024. Being a traditional blade putter, this model will appeal to many golfers – but will it suit your game?

Having 40° of toe hang, this putter won’t work for everyone. The Sport-40 is best suited to golfers who have an arced putting stroke because it will help to keep the face square through impact.

Cobra Vintage Sport-60 Putter

Cobra Vintage Sport-60

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

Another traditional blade in Cobra’s Vintage putter series is the Sport-60. This putter looks very similar to the Sport-40 – especially at address. The main difference between the Sport-60 and the Sport-40 is 20° of toe hang. The Sport-60 putter has the most severe toe hang of any putter in Cobra’s new Vintage range.

The extreme 60° toe hang is achieved through the use of a flow neck which also gives the Sport-60 full shaft offset. Having such a degree of toe hang this putter best suits golfers with a severe arc in their putting stroke. I absolutely love the flow neck, but unfortunately, this putter just doesn’t suit my stroke.

Cobra Vintage Widesport Putter

Cobra Vintage Widesport

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

Although the Widesport does have a larger footprint than the Sport-40, this putter is still classified as a blade putter. These larger blade putters perform incredibly well among the best blade putters because they tend to be better for alignment and offer more stability.

This oversized blade is available with a single bend shaft. Unlike the Sport-40 which is toe hang, the Widesport is completely face balanced which promotes a straight back and straight through putting stroke.

Cobra Vintage Nova Putter

Cobra Vintage Nova

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

This is the first of the mallet putters in Cobra’s Vintage putter series. Cobra manufactures some of the best mallet putters on the market and the Nova is one of the most popular mallet-shaped putters. The Nova is a fang-style putter that always stands out on the course or in the store.

This Nova is the face balanced head with a single bend shaft. The three alignment lines on the top of the putter head provide amazing assistance when lining up your putt and ensuring the head is square at address.

Cobra Vintage Nova-30

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

You don’t get any points for guessing that this is the same model as the Nova, but where the Nova-30 differs is in the neck. The Nova-30 features a slant neck which also makes this a toe hang putter. Being a toe hang putter this model is best suited for golfers with an arced putting stroke.

The Nova-30 includes the three alignment lines to help with lining up your putt and squaring the face at address. This is a brilliant putter to move to if you often play with a toe hang blade putter, but want slightly more weight and more prominent alignment aids.

Cobra Vintage Stingray Putter

Cobra Vintage Stingray

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

The Stingray is a brilliant mallet putter that has a large footprint. Running through the middle of the putter head is a very profound white line which massively helps with alignment. The Stingray might not be the prettiest model, but it definitely is effective.

This face balanced mallet has a single bend shaft fitted to make it perfect for any golfer who putts with little face movement throughout their stroke, or anyone looking to remove an arc in their putting stroke.

Cobra Vintage Stingray-30

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

Just like the Nova and Nova-30, the Stingray-30 differs from the Stingray in the neck. The Stingray-30 features a slant neck which gives this model 30° of toe hang, making it better suited to golfers with an arced putting stroke.

Being the same head as the Stingray, this putter also has the incredibly helpful white alignment line running through the middle of the head.

Cobra Vintage Cuda Putter

Cobra Vintage Cuda

RRP: £199.00 / $249.00

The Cuda is the largest putter in Cobra’s Vintage series. The extremely large footprint is extremely confidence instilling which is only increased thanks to the three alignment lines on the top of the putter head.

With a single bend shaft, this is a face balanced putter that is very stable. The Cuda is my personal favorite in the Vintage series.

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