Affordable and high-quality: Wilson Staff Infinite Putters

Everything you need to know about the next generation of Wilson Inifite Putters

Wilson proudly manufactures some of the best putters and they’re fantastic value for money. For decades, Wilson have been producing high-quality golf equipment from the best drivers to the best game-improvement irons.

However, Wilson are perhaps best known in golf for their putters. Nick Faldo is arguably the most high-profile golfer to have played with a Wilson putter, and perhaps the most famous Wilson putter is the one Faldo wielded during his victory at the 1989 Masters.

As a way of paying homage to the Englishman’s successes around Augusta National, Wilson created a range of Staff Model putters which included a head very similar to the one used by Faldo but fitted with modern technology.

Alongside this range of Staff Model putters, Wilson have launched a brand new series of their popular Infinite family for 2024. There are nine different heads to choose from, so whether your preference is for a blade putter or mallet putter there’s surely an option for you!

Before looking at the wide range of putter heads available in the Wilson Staff Infinite series, let’s take a look at the technology packed into these affordable and high-quality putters.

Wilson Staff Infinite Putter technology

What technology can be found in the new Wilson Staff Infinite range of putters?

Double-milled face

The double-milled face pattern featured in the Wilson Staff Infinite putters delivers a consistent and pure feel while ensuring a solid roll which helps to provide perfect distance control no matter the strike location.

Focus activation parallel alignment lines

Every putter head in this line-up sports three contrasting white lines to help with alignment on the top of the putter head. The line running down the center of the putter head is slightly thicker than the two supporting alignment lines running parallel on either side of the central line. By adding three alignment lines to every putter head it optimizes focus allowing you to get dialed in on every single putt.

PVD anti-glare finish

All of the Wilson Staff Infinite putters have been dressed in a two-tone PVD anti-glare finish to reduce distractions, enabling you to focus on the ball without any disturbances.

What do Wilson say about the new Infinite range of putters?

Bob Thurman, Global General Manager of Golf and Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson.

“The new Infinite range serves the needs of golfers who struggle with alignment and we’re confident that players will be drawn to the new look and feel, with multiple options to cater to varying preferences in putter shape and hosel style.”

Wilson Staff Infinite putters

A traditional-looking blade putter with a noticeable degree of toe-hang, meaning the Windy City is best suited to golfers with an arc in their putting stroke.
A larger blade putter that is counter-balanced making the West Loop ideal for golfers who prefer the traditional look of a blade but have a straight back and straight through putting stroke.
A blade putter with a deeper profile than a traditional blade. The Michigan Avenue is very similar to the West Loop. However, this is a toe-hang putter making it play more like a traditional blade, suitable for golfers with an arc in their putting stroke.
A small mallet putter that isn't much bigger than a blade. This putter is very similar to the Odyssey No.9 famously used by Phil Mickelson. The Grant Park has severe toe-hang so it's most appropriate for golfers with a severe arc in their putting stroke.
A mallet putter with a very distinct profile. The design of the Bucktown is a very popular putter head numerous brands create. The two fangs provide stability in this counter-balanced putter that's great for golfers with a straight back and straight through putting motion.
A large mallet putter with a quirky design. The Buckingham is very similar to the older TaylorMade Spider's - or even Rossa's. This putter has a slight toe-hang which means it's best suited for golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke, but who still want stability and a heavier head than a blade putter.
A mallet putter with a large profile. The Bean is a counter-balanced putter that is very stable and balanced, this is ideal for golfers with a straight back and straight through putting stroke.
A mallet putter with a slight toe-hang which makes The "L" a fantastic option for golfers who like the extra weight and stability of a mallet but have an arced putting stroke that's better suited to blade putters.
A centre-shafted mallet putter that is counter-balanced, the South Side is a perfect option for golfers with a straight back and straight through putting stroke looking for amazing balance.

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