What do real golfers say about getting custom fitted for golf clubs?

Getting custom fit for golf clubs is a bit like upgrading to Sky HD from the standard resolution. Everyone who has done it will tell you that the difference is remarkable, it’s well worth the money, and that once you’ve done it you’ll never be able to go back. 

But when you’re sat there, watching the perfectly acceptable standard definition, it can be hard to convince yourself that the expenditure is worth it. 

We asked a bunch of regular golfers for their experiences of custom fitting – good or bad – to help you make up your mind. 

Neal Gladwin

I had a great experience at Callaway HQ. No stone left unturned and you end up with the ideal set up for you. The only downside is that you can’t blame the clubs anymore! If you’re serious about your golf, I think it’s essential these days. It showed how bad my old clubs were for me. Totally unsuitable from shaft flex right through to grip tape. I’d recommend it to anyone. 

Steve Fursland

I had two fittings. One was better than the other. One gave me different models and shafts to try, the other just gave me a couple of clubs and said regular shaft was okay. Having not been fitted before, I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought the pro in the shop might have given more some more advice. I got a Ping G30 driver in the end. 

Christopher Cockroft

I received my fitted clubs last week – irons and woods – and broke 80 for the first time ever at the weekend (taking seven shots off my previous best on the course!) and won my first competition. I was definitely striking the ball better but the confidence they gave me knowing they were made for how I swing was also a massive factor. I was fitted by the course pro. Great service.

Mike Barker

I got fitted at my own club. It helped to identify best configuration to reduce variation in swing performance. I got the latest Mizuno JPX EZ forged with altered lie and lighter stiff shafts. Top pros switch annually so it suggests that good custom fitting will find the right club from any manufacturer.

Alex Pegler

Over the last four months I have been fitted for everything in my bag by Jason at Golf Principles. This is a real custom fit with great detail. Each time I have left with equipment it has been the maximum numbers I can achieve but far more than that it has been kit that I have a huge level of confidence in. He has a crazy way of building you equipment that you really feel you can go after. Confidence is HIGH and scores are following. If you are even half good at this game and committed you should find the money to go down this road.

Colin Johnson

Club fitting is essential if you want to improve. I get fit by Lee Porter for everything. He has tour pros and top amateurs using him. Always finds the best for you and service doesn’t stop once you’ve handed over the cash. Doesn’t sell you something if you don’t need it

Rich Yorke

I’ve been custom fit for all clubs but the main difference is with the driver, where it lowered my backspin by over 300rpm and lowered my flight significantly. It made a huge difference to dispersionand distance, and hitting it lower is always a bonus on Lyme Regis’ Clifftop course!

It was just the shaft that reduced the spin. It cost a bit but was worth it and I won’t be changing for a while. I’m using a 9-degree Ping Anser with Diamana Ahina S-flex shaft. I actually gained a little distance in comparison to previous driver as well! Just shows how important it is to get a correct fit.

Robert Woodmore

I had a full fitting for TaylorMade at Kingsfield last season. Only difference is 1/2 inch longer and 2 layers of tape on my grips. Iron play is miles better. Came down from 15 to 12 in 2 months after fitting. Amazing to see your stats and the difference custom fit makes.

Vinesh Kurup

It’s on my bucket list. If you play stock clubs you only get stock results. The closest I have got is getting an MOT to fix my lofts & lies, and it was an eye opener.. my 5-iron & 6-iron only had a 1-degree difference!

I dropped a shot off my handicap after the MOT, so I wonder what would happen if I got fitted!

Ian Irving-Smith

I couldnt hit ANY driver at any point since started playing golf. Got fitted at the Belfry for a TM 14 Deg SLDR with upgraded shaft. Now it’s the best club in my bag. I need to get fitted for the rest now – just need the money!

Have YOU been custom fit? Would you recommend it? 

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