What is AimPoint putting?


What is AimPoint Putting? And how does it work?

AimPoint is an express method of reading the break on a putt as you play, using a three-step system designed to help you read every putt accurately and consistently. 

More than 200 tour pros have used it, and AimPoint users have amassed more than 65 professional wins between them. 

Masters champion Dustin Johnson is one of the most famous examples and used the system with caddie and borther Austin Johnson to win with a record score of 20-under par at Augusta National Golf Club.

What is AimPoint? The Three Steps

Step 1: Stand facing the hole and estimate the amount of slope in your putt by using your feet to feel the slope on a scale – most AimPoint users use a scale between 0 to 6. 

Step 2: Use your arm and fingers to determine where to aim your putt. The amount of slope you felt in Step 1 is the number of fingers you should hold up on that side of the hole. 

Step 3: Start the putt at your chosen target at the correct pace. 

How To Use Aim Point: The Drill

Jamie Donaldson (not to be confused with the Welsh Ryder Cup player) is a putting coach sought out by some of golf’s biggest names, and specialises in AimPoint putting. Here, he explain exactly how it works. 



green reading green reading

Use weight distribution to gauge the slope

Stand a pace behind the ball with your feet slightly apart so you can judge which foot carries most of your weight. Focus on the horizon and feel your weight distribution. Give the amount of slope you feel a grade between one and six – two is about average. Repeat this process halfway towards the hole for greater accuracy on longer putts.

Line up your fingers to find the AimPoint

Return to your spot a pace or so behind the ball to decipher a precise point on the green at which to aim. This is done using the grade of the slope and your fingers. Stretch your arm out in front of you and hold up the number of fingers that corresponds to the grade you gave the slope. Line up the edge of your finger with the hole.



green reading green reading

Place a tee peg on your AimPoint in practice

The outside of your finger gives you the precise point where you need to aim in order to hole the putt when hit with the correct speed to go nine inches past the hole. You can place a tee peg in the ground at your AimPoint to help you in practice. Most amateurs under-read putts so you’ll be amazed at the true amount of break.

Start your putt at the AimPoint for success

Set up at the AimPoint and start your putt on line safe in the knowledge that the read is 99% accurate. Confidence in an accurate read will improve your technique because you won’t feel the need to make adjustments or manipulations during your stroke. You can learn to subtly adjust the read for different conditions at an AimPoint class.



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