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11 golf books every golfer should read

Whether you are hoping for the next thing to help your game, want to read an exceptional retelling of true events or simply want an enjoyable story, then take a look at this list of the best golf books – we guarantee there’s something on it you’ll want to get stuck in to.

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Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf – Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake

If you’re going to pick one golf instruction book to read, this is it. There’s a reason it’s the bestselling golf instruction book of all time, and is full of brilliant, simple-sounding advice from a man Sports Illustrated described as ‘Socrates of the golf world’.

RRP: £17 – BUY NOW

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect – Bob Rotella

Well known mental coach Dr Bob Rotella is the man behind this inciteful book, which combines real life examples with his observations to help every kind of golfer improve the mental side of their game.

RRP: £8.99 – BUY NOW

The Bogey Man: A Month on the PGA Tour – George Plimpton

George Plimpton’s real-life account of what happens when a writer swaps his pen for a job playing inside the ropes for a month is a book for even the non-golfer. It’s humorous, well-written and includes characters like Arnold Palmer and Walter Hagen, in addition to caddies, officials and fans from the very first tee. Many others have tried this type of writing, but nobody has done it better than Plimpton.

RRP: £9.99 – BUY NOW

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf – Ben Hogan, with Herbert Warren Wind (1957)

Ben Hogan is widely recognised as one of the greatest golfers of all time, and there’s a reason why his book has become one of the biggest selling in this category. In it, Hogan focuses on different fundamentals and techniques for each chapter with clear instructions, making it a brilliant reference guide for golfers of all abilities.

RRP: £16.99 – BUY NOW

The Greatest Game Ever Played: A True Story – Mark Frost

Penned by the author of Twin Peaks, this novel recounts the true story of the 1913 US Open at the Country Club in Brookline. Focusing on Francis Oumet and Harry Vardon, the narrative examines their lives, exploring social barriers along the way until it culminates in one of the most incredible moments in golfing history. It’s a story which was also turned in to a 2005 movie.

RRP: £12.99 – BUY NOW

The Short Game Bible – Dave Pelz

In a bid to lower your scores? Pelz’s Short Game Bible is the first in a four-part series of books which talks through how to get better results by targetting your short game the right way, by finding your weakness and improving it.


Mind Game: The Secrets of Golf’s winners – Thomas Bjorn and Michael Calvin

In a groundbreaking exposé of pro golf, Mind Game captures the distinctive nature of the game, and the philosophies of players who dominate the world rankings. It’s a darker look at tour life, featuring moving accounts from Graeme McDowell, Henrik Stenson, Tommy Fleetwood and many more. The mental demons they’ve battled with – and continue to do so – shows they are just as vulnerable as the rest of us. A must read.

RRP: £20 – BUY NOW

Commander in Cheat: How Golf explains trump – Rick Reilly

One for the Trump bashers and fake news clan. Based on first-hand experience and interviews with golf pros, caddies and Presidential staff, it uses golf as a metaphor for his presidency and gives an amusing yet alarming account of how Trump will cheat at golf, lie about it, bully over it and often profit from it.

RRP: £14.99 – BUY NOW

Tiger Woods – Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian

Shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of 2018. It charts the rise and fall of golf’s greatest enigma and draws on 250+ interviews from people within Tiger’s inner circle to shed light on his upbringing, the infidelity, and why his father, Earl, remains in an unmarked grave. Some of the revelations will make you squirm.

RRP: £10.99 – BUY NOW

The Prodigy – John Feinstein

From the author who brought us A Good Walk Spoiled (another one to read). The story follows teen sensation Frank Baker, who battles to keep his amateur status against his father’s wishes so he can compete in the Masters. What happens next – on real courses and against real PGA Tour pros – blurs the line between fact and fiction as sponsors try to cash in on his talent.

RRP: £13.92 – BUY NOW

‘Miracle on the 17th Green’ – James Patterson

Travis McKinley’s life has drifted sideways. His job, his marriage, even his children all feel disconnected and distant. Has he really accomplished nothing of consequence in his life? One Christmas Day, Travis plays a round of golf and finds himself for the first time in the zone-playing like a pro. In astonishingly short order, Travis is catapulted into the PGA Senior Open at Pebble Beach, where he advances to the final round. And while his wife, his children, and a live television audience watch, a miracle takes place that changes Travis and his family forever.

RRP: £8.99 – BUY NOW

Make sure you follow up with the next two installments in the trilogy, Miracle at Augusta and Miracle at St Andrews!


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