Is Tiger Woods next up for a GOAT roast on Netflix?

Bookmakers have slashed the odds on Tiger Woods succeeding Tom Brady as the next sporting superstar to be roasted on the Netflix comedy special.

Out of the blue, the man in Sun Day Red has become the overwhelming favorite to take the hot seat and buckle in for a roasting from top comedians including Jeff Ross, Nikki Glaser, and Kevin Hart.

The 15-time Major winner has been backed in from 12/1 (+1200) to 2/1 (+200), suggesting Tiger will very likely be the next endangered species on the no-holds-bar show, renowned for its brutal p**s taking of the rich and famous.

It’s perhaps the one leaderboard throughout his career he didn’t want to see his name at the top of. It’s a pretty stacked field too, with Tiger leading from LeBron James, The Rock, Stephen Curry, Drake, and Patrick Mahomes.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce prop up the first page on the leaderboard at 33/1 (+3300), which would likely smash Netflix viewing figures if it were to ever materialize.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are rumored to be attending The Masters on Saturday.

For now, though, Tiger is the front-runner. Surprisingly so given that he’s not typically known for his laid-back, self-deprecating nature. “Unbelievably self-centered” was the expression used by his former agent Hughes Norton in describing Tiger’s uncompromising journey to become the greatest golfer in the history of the game.

Time can change a man though, and despite continuing to break records on the course, ambitions today are somewhat different. A brand new clothing line after parting ways with Nike, and a joint virtual venture with Rory McIlroy on the horizon in 2025 has perhaps prompted golf’s GOAT to rethink his methods.

A smiling Tiger Woods during the opening round of the 2024 Masters.

And while Tiger will no doubt attack them with the same intensity as his swing, perhaps he recognizes that softer skills need to blossom if he’s to bring the masses along on the next commercial leg of his journey. So what better place to start than being thrown into the shark tank with the most unforgiving comedians in the business?

After all, he’s given them ample material. From his multiple infidelities that ultimately led to his divorce from supermodel – Elin Nordegren, to his car wreck caused by speeding that almost cost him his life. It would certainly be another bumpy ride.

To come through completely unriled will take nerves of steel. Even Tom Brady was visibly uncomfortable at one joke about his previous employer at the Patriots, causing him to whisper to roastmaster Jeff Ross: “Don’t say that s**t again.”

Tom brady receiving his roasting on the Netflix special

It’s a risk for Woods if he were to accept the challenge. It only takes one Will Smith moment of madness to tarnish a lifetime’s work. That said, the potential upside is greater, and no sportsperson has ever backed themselves more to deliver under pressure when it matters.

It’s only a few jokes anyway, and if they can be taken on the chin, Tiger and his commercial empire are set to have the last laugh when the curtains go down.

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