Bunker play: Acceleration is the key

Beat the ball


Fault: Your greenside bunker shots come out too low or stay in the sand.

Fix: From a deep bunker or with little green to work with, a low flight simply will not get you down in two. Height is required – and for this, speed is the key. The correct set-up will allow you to attack from the perfect shallow angle. This will see the clubhead ‘beat the ball’ as it pops up in the air for that high, soft-landing splash that you can get close.

Stay forward:
Keep weight on your lead foot throughout the swing. It may feel like a reverse pivot but it will help you strike the sand consistently. 

Speed it up:
Accelerate positively to allow the clubhead to release freely past the ball and encourage a high, soft-landing shot with plenty of spin. 

 The set-up



Bunker Tips   Bunker Tips

Take a wide stance, weight favouring the lead side, and your spine tilted towards the hole. Aim square with the face a little open to increase the bounce. The ball should be forward of centre and hands low to create height.


Feel the correct interaction with the sand by hitting shots with just your right hand on the club. It will help you get the feeling of using the bounce and releasing the club through the sand on the shallow arc that aids club speed.


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