Paul Waring: How to create more loft in your bunker shots

European Tour Pro Paul Waring shows you how to create more loft from your bunker shots – and shows how he can even do it with a ONE-IRON! 

If you struggle to get out of bunkers with a higher lip, this drill is definitely one you should spend a minute or two watching.

While most people will reach for their most lofted club when it comes to a particularly high-faced bunker, Paul shows you that it’s not enough just to open the face – you’ve got to drop the handle as well. 

Paul says: “A lot of people will reach for their most lofted club in this situation. One of the things I see a lot is that people tend to open the face but they don’t necessarily drop the handle with that. You can see how a club is built; to get the club flat, you see how low the angle and the handle needs to be. You almost need to match that with how low it is.”

“If I just open the club face up, I’m not adding more loft I’m just pointing it further right. To actually hit this shot I’m going to have to drop this handle all the way down to actually create some loft. Merely opening it won’t create loft, but physically dropping the handle will.”

“I’ll tend to take a wider stance with the handle low and club flat, that will help you hit a shallower shot which actually gives you a little more elevation 

“With that shot, I’m having to swing it a lot firmer, a lot harder. When you add more loft in to it, you’re only going to add more elevation, so you have to create a bit more speed to actually get the distance.”

“To prove the point that you have to drop the handle with the shot, you can hit this shot with a seven iron or a five iron. I like to do this drill with a one iron.”


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