Paul Waring’s bunker drill to fix your stance

Did you know that where you stand in the bunker could be the reason you aren’t getting out of the sand? 

In this video, European Tour Professional Paul Waring shows you a drill that you can use to practice bunker shots – and it’s as simple as drawing some lines in the sand. 

Paul says: “I start by drawing a line down the line of the actual shot I’m trying to hit – towards the flag. I’ll then draw in the sand at right angles to that so that ball is in the middle of a cross. This gives me a target line and a centre line of where I need to stand.

“I like to put my left heel on that centre line, which gives me a good reference point for where I stand. What I’ve noticed is that if people don’t have their sternum or eye over the actual golf ball, they tend to strike the ball either side of that line rather than hitting the line itself.” 

Watch the video below as Paul talks you through his bunker drill 


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