Getting Into The Slot With Rory McIlroy

Work on getting your club in this position for a consistent strike.

If you start the downswing properly then this is the perfect position you get into. If you can find this position in your downswing, then you can’t hit a wayward shot. With a decent release, you can only hit it straight from here.

Rory McIlroy
I’m showing you this so you can picture what you need to do. To get into this position, you must begin the transition correctly, you can’t think about moving into this position when you’re actually swinging the club because it all happens too quickly. The club should be parallel to the ground, just ahead of the toes with the butt end pointing at the target. This is a position that is very similar to the one you achieved on a good takeaway.

The Coach Says
Is he too aggressive? That’s a hard question. He’s very, very positive in the way he plays. His approach is aggressive, but a lot of positive things can come from that. Sometimes I think to myself that he needs to know when to hold and when to fold but he’s getting much better at that. I’ve said to him: ‘Don’t go spoiling four-and-a-half hours work. Sometimes you just need to get in the clubhouse safely at three or four under’.

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