Find The Fairway With Hugh Marr

Ball Wants To Hook

Whether you’re fighting a hook or a slice, here are the solutions to your driving ills

Chest Over Ball At Impact

Keeping your sternum over the ball holds the bottom of the swing arc down. That encourages your lead arm and hand to do their job correctly and lead the way into impact. This lead arm dominant action also promotes forward shaft lean, the clubhead trailing the hands slightly.


Tee the ball down. Make sure the crown of your driver is above the top of the ball. The low tee encourages a moer squeezing impact, hands leading the clubhead; thats ideal if you are fighting a hook.

Move the ball back in your stance, a couple of inches inside the front heel. It helps you catch it a little earlier, giving the clubface less time to rotate and close.

Ball Wants To Slice

Release the trail hand

The ball slices because you are leaving the face open through impact. A quick way to counteract that is to make sure you lower (or trail) hand releases and rotates through impact. Feel the toe of your driver overtaking the heel, the clubface vertical as the shaft reaches parrallel.


Tee the ball high. Position its equator opposite the crown of the club. This promotes more of an upward, sweeping angle of attack which encourages the trail hand to play a more active role – which helps the clubface to rotate from open to closed.

Move the ball forward, opposite the forward heel. This time, with impact happening later in the swing, the clubhead has more time to rotate and square up.

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