Driver Set Up: Power Posture

Four things your driver set-up needs to hit it long and true 

Fault: Short, offline tee shots

Fix: Use set-up to promote a more powerful launch and a better strike 

A long drive needs dynamic movement, and that can only come from a balanced and ready set-up. A good set-up primes your body for action, alerting relevant muscle groups; it also pre-sets the ideal impact. Follow these rules to prime your own swing for power with accuracy. 

Stable Base

It’s the job of your legs to support and contain the rotation of the upper body during the swing. Check your shoulders are over your insteps to build the ideal, stable platform. 

Drivers- front

Shaft Leans Back

Play the ball forward of the sternum and let the shaftpointatyourbelt buckle. You should see equal amounts of both hips, and your belt buckle between your arms 

Match Tee Height

The sweetspot in large- headed modern drivers can vary. Examine the impact face mark left by a pure strike to establish your driver’s location, and adjust tee height to match.

Drives - set up from behind

Spine Angles Back

Let your spine angle back. This allows the upper body to pivot appropriately and sets up a postive or upward attack angle, helping you launch the ball high 

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