Paul Dunne: Left shoulder low

Paul Dunne teaches you how to improve your transition through the ball with this simple two-step drill

My bad shot tends to be a high block or a bit of a hook out the toe of the club. Both of these are caused by the same fault in the transition and into the downswing. It happens when my left shoulder gets a bit high and the club drops in behind my hands on the way down.

From there, you either can’t square the face in time and block it high and right or you try and save it with your arms and you often get the ‘toey hook’. If you have a tendency to hit these shots then you could be doing the same thing. Try this drill that I use to improve my transition.

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Paul Dunne’s two tips

1. Make ‘dry’ swings in the mirror

I try to groove this movement by using a lot of feel drills. I will make really slow swings to help me feel the change of direction, or I’ll hold it at the top and make the transition a couple of times before I hit it so I can get a feel for what the movement should be. I like making ‘dry’ swings in front of the mirror so I can see it’s the correct movement.

2. Left shoulder low and clear

Preventing your left shoulder from rising up in the transition helps you clear it out the way and stops the club getting stuck behind you in the downswing. This makes it much easier to square the clubface at impact with your natural body turn and arm release, allowing you to contact the ball with a square face on a neutral swing path.


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