Shorten your driver for more control

‘Shorten’ your driver to find the sweetspot – and the fairway – more often

We’re taught to grip the driver at the top end of the grip. It makes sense; by making the club as long as possible, you make it as powerful as possible. But gripping at the top can also lead to loss of control. The extra weight of the head and shaft encourages greater wrist ex, which can undermine a secure hold; that top grip can also lead to the heel of your gloved hand falling off the top of the grip. Both create a loss of control. If this rings bells with you, try this.

Fault: Loss of driver control through over swinging

Fix: Grip down to improve arm/body coordination

#1: Bottom-half hold

Take your regular grip, but with the hands several inches further down the club than usual; position your hold so your lower- hand index finger is just still on the rubber.

Half hold

#2: Well-heeled

This grip ensures the heel of the hand can apply pressure against the top of the grip, keeping the club under control. If the heel slips off the top of the club the wrists are likely to overhinge, with the club falling behind you.

#3: Better Connected

With the club shorter and lighter, your wrists feel firmer on the club and less vulnerable to over-hinging. This creates a more solid position at the top, with the club’s motion more in sync with the rotation of the body.

This tip comes from TG Top 50 Coach Matthew Blake, Dyrham Park CC, Herts. Head pro since 2006 and authorised Ping club fitter



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