Sarah Jane Smith: 3 driving power moves

Sarah Jane Smith: ‘Crush it past your partners with my three driving power moves’

Let’s face it, nothing beats ripping a tee shot miles down the fairway. It’s even better if it  flies past the drives of the guys in your group. If you want to out- hit your playing partners more often, you’ll need to add some serious power and stability to your swing.

The following three swing keys help keep my driving on track. I’m sure they’ll help you add some yards, too!

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Build a strong, stable base

If you want to hit strong drives, you’ve got to stand to the ball in a powerful and athletic manner. I like to feel that my lower body is braced and strong at address so that it can support my body turn and remain stable when I’m ring down and through the ball. For me, that means I like to feel a little bit of athletic tension in my thighs as I push my feet down into the turf, and a light flex in my knees.

Keep the club out in front of you

The world’s top hitters have one thing in common – they keep the clubhead in front of them during the swing. Sure, they turn their shoulders but they like to feel their hands stay in front of their chest throughout the swing. This gives them the best chance of getting their hands high at the top, which creates the most direct – and powerful – route back to the ball. I have a tendency to drag the club a little inside going back, so I like to feel my wrists hinge early to get the club moving upwards in front of me.

Hit up on the ball to maximise your carry distance

There are two key things to remember in the downswing when hitting the driver. First, is to hit up on the ball at impact. To create distance, you need to get the ball in the air, so tee it high and swing up. Second, you want to deliver the power at the right stage of the swing. There’s no point reaching full power halfway down. Look to build the power gradually so that the club reaches full speed just before it strikes the ball.

Playing Tip: To Hit Fades & Draws, Focus On The Dimples

I’m a natural fader – a left-to-right shape occurs naturally for me. But if I want to be certain of hitting a fade, I look to strike the ball one dimple right of centre at impact. That helps ensure my swing path is a little out-to-in. For a draw, I focus on a dimple left of centre. That helps me attack the ball more from the inside.

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