Fault Fixes

  • Fix Heel & Toe Hits

    Written by Butch Harmon on Friday 9 January 2009

    Driver heads are huge, but I still see plenty of heel and toe hits. The reason? Most golfers swing it too hard, with either the hands and arms or the hips racing out of sequence on the downswing. Either way, the club gets re-routed, leading to off-centre contact. If you pull the club down from the top with your hands...

  • Fix A Slice With David Leadbetter

    Written by David Leadbetter on Friday 2 January 2009

    …simply ensure you get your right elbow in the ‘slot’. There are a lot of ways you can fix a slice, but one of my favourites is to focus on the right elbow – moving it into the ‘slot’ on the downswing. The slot is a position just in front of the right hip, where the right elbow sits under the left,...

  • Three ball drill to stop slicing

    Written by Dan Frost on Tuesday 14 October 2008

    A simple, yet very effective drill to train you to stop slicing is to place three golf balls on the ground in a diagonal line and strike the centre ball. If you can do this without disturbing the two outside balls then your swing path will be re-trained. Watch this video instruction tip to learn how to set the balls out correctly...

  • Learn a forehand tennis shot to stop slicing

    Written by Dan Frost on Tuesday 14 October 2008

    One of the easiest ways to stop slicing shots is to learn how to play a forehand topspin shot in tennis. That’s because the golf swing motion that causes a slice is very similar to a drop shot in tennis. The racquet approaches the ball from a steep angle and cuts across the target line, holding the clubface open, putting cut...

  • Tee peg hook fix

    Written by Dan Frost on Tuesday 14 October 2008

    If you hook the ball right-to-left then the origins of your mishit can often be traced back to your takeaway. If you hood the clubface into a closed position as you take the club away then the chances are the club will return to the same closed position as it strikes the shot. Simply placing a tee peg in the back of...

  • Improve your ball striking and distance

    Written by Dan Frost on Tuesday 14 October 2008

    Many golfers suffer from inconsistent ball striking and as a result lack distance. The cause of this is often leaning back as you strike the ball. TG Top 12 Teacher Dan Frost has a simple drill you can do using the base of your golf bag as an impact point to train you to synchronise the swing and strike the ball...

  • Split your hands to stop slicing

    Written by Dan Frost on Tuesday 14 October 2008

    Do you suffer with a slice that sends the ball turning left-to-right into trouble? If so, this is a great drill for you. Simply split your hands on the club so that there is a gap between them, then hit some easy half shots. This will train you to ‘release’ the club, rather than resisting the clubhead rotation. Watch this video instruction...

  • How To Avoid The Topped Shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Thursday 11 September 2008

    The top shot really is a wasted shot. It happens when you hit on top of the golf ball rather than striking it correctly at the base of the ball. Golfers tend to top shots when they get too intent on hitting the golf ball and forget to swing the golf club freely. That means their swing stops at the ball...

  • Better Ball Striking | Split Hands Drill

    Written by Zane Scotland on Monday 1 September 2008

    Do you suffer with inconsistent ball striking? It’s something that haunts my game too from time to time but it’s easily fixed. If my timing is just slightly off then I’ll use this very simple split hands drill to improve my ball striking.

  • How To Avoid The Slice Shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Friday 22 August 2008

    The slice is the bain of many golfers’ lives. Few of us appreciate what actually goes on in the swing to cause the slice. In basic terms the ball slices when the clubface travels across the target line and is open as it strikes the ball. That imparts spin on the ball that sends it curving left-to-right in the air. To avoid the...

  • How To Avoid The Hook Shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Monday 18 August 2008

    The hook can be an extremely destructive shot. When the ball veers violently right-to-left in the air it signals disaster for your scorecard. The good news is it’s very easy to control this shot shape and turn it into a gentle draw. I get my pupils to practice using a split hands grip. This helps you feel what the hands are...

  • How To Avoid The Push Shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Tuesday 12 August 2008

    The push shot is so close to the ideal shot. It’s normally struck well on a good trajectory and just ends up right of the target you are aiming for. It just boils down to one simple thing: the clubface is slightly open as it strikes the ball. To prevent this happening you must learn to co-ordinate the body and the clubface...

  • How To Avoid The Pulled Shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Monday 11 August 2008

    It’s very easy to get into the habit of pulling your approach shots with your irons into the green. You end up trying to compensate by aiming right and that just compounds the problem. There’s a very simple drill you can use to learn to keep the clubface square as it strikes the ball. All you need is a tee peg. Watch this...

  • How To Avoid The Shank

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Monday 11 August 2008

    The shank is the one word in golf that all golfers cringe at. The thought of hitting this horror shot that squirts sideways is enough to instil fear in any player. If you shank a shot it is because the ball has been struck out of the point on the clubface where the heel meets the shaft. It usually happens when golfers...

  • Golf Grip Instruction Tip

    Written by Dan Frost on Thursday 7 August 2008

    In this interactive golf lesson, PGA Pro Dan Frost demonstrates the correct golf grip. The golf video lesson is part of our unique interactive video lesson series, which has been filmed during real golf lessons to capture the interaction between golfer and golf coach. The ‘fly on the wall’ style video shows you how a top golf coach goes about fixing major...

  • How To Avoid The Fat Shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Thursday 31 July 2008

    The fat shot is an ugly shot. It hurts you, it knocks your confidence and it can destroy your golf game. To prevent the club hitting the ground two or three inches behind the ball you need to learn to get the club and body moving together. Only then will you start to hit more consistently good shots. Watch this video instruction...

  • How To Get Into The ‘Slot’ Video Tip

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Wednesday 25 June 2008

    You’ve probably heard the phrase get into the ‘slot’ in the downswing – but do you understand what it means? The ‘slot’ is the correct delivery position for the golf club. There are several moves you can use to ensure the club returns to the ball on the correct path. Watch this video instruction tip from TG Top 12 Teacher Adrian...

  • Improve Your Pitching Drill

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 20 June 2008

    More than a half of your shots are played from within 100 yards, so here are three drills to help you improve your pitching and knock shots off your handicap.

  • Anti Slice Video Tip

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 20 June 2008

    In this golf video lesson Adrian Fryer shows you how using a piece of chalk to draw a clockface around the ball is another great way to ensure your clubhead approaches the ball on the right path.

  • Stop Your Slice Video Lesson

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Tuesday 17 June 2008

    Top teaching pro Adrian Fryer passes on his tips to fix some of the most common swing faults in golf. In this golf video lesson Adrian shows you how to stop your slice by simply using two sponges to correct an out-to-in swing path.

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