Hank Haney: Fixing common faults

As a special treat for you, we’ve managed to get hold of some exclusive video tips from Hank Haney, one of the world’s leading golf coaches, courtesy of TaylorMade.

hank haney

Here, Tiger Woods’ former coach explains why spinning the ball too much with your driver leads to poor distance off the tee and offers a couple of simple fixes to implement in your swing.


hank haney

In this video tip, Haney explains the cause of your slice and offers a quick and simple fix to help start hitting a draw with your driver.


hank haney

In this video tip, Haney helps you overcome your hook by getting your hips much more active in the downswing, helping you keep the clubface square the arc for longer.



behind the ball

In this video tip, Haney sheds some light on one of the most common faults among amateurs in the golf swing that causes tops and fat shots. Plus, he gives you some top tips on how to fix it.

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