Fault fixer: ladder drill


Get in the zone

Create a ladder target to improve your chipping control 

Fault: Misjudging how far you carry the ball Fix: Improve your feel with a ladder

On any feel shot, the ball’s first bounce can make or break its success. Choosing a level,  firm and predictable piece of ground for that bounce – and having the ability to hit that zone – are essential if you are to get up and down on a regular basis. So here is a drill that will improve your ability to carry the ball your chosen distance, and land the ball on your chosen spot. All you need are a few lofted irons (or Phil Mickelson uses towels laid out). 

1:Build your ladder

Head to the chipping area. Use four clubs or alignment canes or your longer irons
to create a series of three zones, running away from you. Space them 
evenly, with two strides between each cane/shaft a decent guide. 

2: Throw down

Start by throwing balls. Go up the ladder, lobbing the balls into zones 1, 2 and 3 – then back to 1. Use this process to get used to placing your attention on your landing zone as you throw the ball. 

3: New order

Once you get good at going up and down the ladder, make things a little harder by choosing random zones. Pay attention to how focusing on your zone helps you gauge the appropriate force in your throwing action. 

Switch to a club

Start with your wedge and simply repeat your throwing drills. Forget technique; this is a drill to improve feel, so keep your focus on your landing zones and let your chipping action respond to the target you’ve set yourself. 




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