Select the right club around the green

Chip by numbers: Select the right club around the green with this simple rule of thumb

You can split any greenside shot into two portions – the distance to the green, and the distance from the edge of the green to the flag. Your most effective chip shot sees the ball in the air for the first part of that, and on or close to the ground for the second.

That allows you to land on the green for a predictable bounce. Of course the carry/runout percentages will vary from chip to chip; but to adapt to this, change the club and not your technique. Here’s how to do it.

Fault: Using the wrong club for the shot
Fix: Focus on carry/run ratios

This tip comes from TG Top 50 coach Andy Taylor from Kirtlington Golf Club in Oxford. He is the Director of coaching at the Andy Taylor Golf Academy (

Present consistent loft

Whichever club you’re using, your ability to carry the ball your chosen distance will improve when you’re in control of the attack angle. Keep ball position central and set your shirt buttons slightly ahead of the ball to create a subtle downward blow.

Wedge: land @ 50%

For a standard wedge chip shot on a level, even-paced green, the ball will be in the air for pretty much half of its overall journey. This makes it the ideal club for when the edge of the green is about halfway between you and the pin.

7-iron: land @ 25%

For a straighter-faced 7-iron, that carry-run ratio goes down to around 25%-75%. Again, look at the green edge to assess what percentage of the ball’s journey is on the green. If it’s at the 70-75% mark, this is the appropriate club.

Flexible approach

Base club selection around these two carry/ run ratios, adding or taking off loft as the percentages change. Just note that as the greens get faster or rmer those percentages will change to favour runout, so add loft.



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