An easy fix for duffed iron shots

Use this easy fix to stop duffing your iron shots

Golf drills don’t need to be complicated to work, and here is one of the simplest and most effective ball-striking exercises I’ve come across. All you need is a 7-iron and a piece of chalk. Follow this plan.

This tip comes from TG Top 50 Coach Ian, who works at Clark World of Golf, New Malden. Advanced Fellow of the PGA. Master Professional at World of Golf.

#1: Bottom Line

With your chalk, draw a bold line on the grass or mat at right angles to your ball-target line. Set up so the leading edge of your 7-iron is against the line. Check the line represents a good ball position for your club, just forward of centre in your stance.

#2: Bright Side

All you have to do is focus on striking the ground on the hole side of the line. With this as your simple intention, you will instinctively create many of the key ingredients of a clean, powerful striking position–including a better weight shift, later release of the club and powerful forward shaft lean.

Powering Up

When your hands lead the clubhead into impact, you are able to compress the ball powerfully. You will also deloft the clubface, allowing it to meet the ball in a stronger position. Both will give your irons more power and penetration.

Set Back

If you are having trouble with weak or heavy iron contact, chances are your tendency is to make ground marks behind the line. This reveals poor weight shift and/or a handsy, casting release at the ball. Work on this drill until you begin to make marks on the far side of the line.

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