Is your gear revealing you are swaying off the ball?

My Gear Reveals: I’m Swaying Off The Ball…

The wear patterns on the soles of your shoes can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your swing. If the lugs or spikes towards the outside of your trail foot are worn, it’s a sure sign your weight is moving too far to the outside of the foot during the backswing – a clear indicator of swaying. 

The Problem With Swaying 

Ideally, we want to keep pressure on the inside of the trail foot at the top. This a ords a more powerful loading during the backswing and helps with ballstriking. When your weight gets too far back it can stay there on the way down, leading to du s, or force you into making an excessive movement forward and getting too far ahead of the ball, causing thins. This particular wear pattern, into the back of the heel, also suggests a sway away from the golf ball, as well as away from the target.

Tighter Coil 

While a small degree of lateral movement is useful, especially for less flexible golfers, we need to keep it in moderatioin. Work on this simply by standing your golf bag a few inches outside your trail hip and ensuring your hip rotates within it. 

Sway excessively and you’ll knock the bag over. Finally, work on the feeling of keeping your sternum over the ball to keep your weight more central through the feet. 

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