Is your golf grip costing you control?

Is your gear revealing that your grip is costing you control? 

Abrasion on your glove indicates your grip is slipping during the swing, and the thumb pad is a notoriously weak point. Signs of wear here reveal you have placed your top hand in a position that cannot support and secure the club, costing you control. Here’s what you can do to bring back control – and ensure your gloves last a little longer…

FAULT: ‘Long Thumb’

Grip excessively in the palm of your gloved hand and you’ll create what we call a ‘long thumb’. Without the thumb- forefinger pincer, this hold cannot support the club at the top; the thumb slides up towards the shaft, wearing the glove. Some golfers have a thumb joint that creates this long thumb,so check this before making changes.

FIX: Palm-Finger Blend

Your ideal top hand grip sees the club run more diagonally across the hand, from under the heel of the hand to the index finger’s middle knuckle. Fold your fingers around and you’ll feel how your thumb pad can apply pressure and stability to the handle. Train this hold by making one-handed swings with the gloved hand; aim to feel solid and set at the top as the body completes its turn..

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