How to engage your core in the golf swing

Use this drill from elite golf fitness coach Joey Diovisalvi to help your core stay in balance in your golf swing

This tip comes from Joey Diovisalvi, trainer to elite golfers including Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka –

Arguably one of the biggest problems for the club golfer is that their arms become too activated during the swing, lifting the club out of the ideal plane and position. If you want to stop this, get your torso working harder. Here’s a drill that can help you.

1. Find a ball, any sort you like, but big enough for you to be able to clamp it between your arms and chest. Ideally put a resistance band around your thighs to keep your lower body in the game. Now take your golf posture, but with a wide stance.

2. Now rotate your upper body away from the target, checking you maintain form and balance.

core balance step one and two

3. Keep that ball trapped between your arms and chest. You should feel your upper body working a lot harder than during the golf swing. From here work back towards the target, all the time feeling how the ball maintains that relationship between your arms

4. Repeat this drill six times, at least once a day for a couple of weeks and you will quickly feel your core contributing much more readily on the golf course

core balance

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