Improve Your Dynamic Sequencing

Use this drill from elite golf fitness coach Joey Diovisalvi to help improve your dynamic sequencing

This tip comes from Joey Diovisalvi, trainer to elite golfers including Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka –

Based in South Florida, my gym is dedicated to golf fitness training, helping golfers of all levels get the most out of their game. Sure, it has all kinds of sophisticated weight machines for the likes of DJ and Brooks to use, but some of our most effective golf swing training exercises don’t use any of them.

Here, I’ll share with you one of my favourites – the Step-through drill – that will work for any golfer, from elite professional right through to the recreational player. Although this is straightforward, everyone is built differently, so seek professional advice before starting any new training regimen.

1. Feel The Weight

All you need is some extra weight, like a weighted golf club or training aid, as it both challenges and builds awareness of balance and helps your body learn how to create the correct sequence of movement. Ideally use a weighted club or training aid for this drill, but anything heavier than a club will do. Extra weight both challenges and builds awareness of balance. Begin by waggling the weight to build your awareness of it.

feel the weight

2. Take Your Stance

Now bring the weight up and pin it across your shoulders. Form your golfing set-up, but with feet together. Lift your lead foot off the ground. Don’t start till you are feeling balanced and ready to make a backswing turn.

take your stance

3. Rotate In Balance

Now rotate your upper body; turn as far as you can while maintaining balance. This will inevitably challenge you, but that’s the point; learning and improvement takes place when we make the task harder. Persevere until you can turn in balance.

rotate balance

4. Step Forward

From here, plant your lead leg forward and rotate aggressively through. This forward step, allied to the extra weight, helps you feel how to create balance and separation, within a controlled and powerful through-swing sequence.


5. Rotate

Continue rotating right through to the end of your ‘swing’, focusing on creating acceleration in balance. As you repeat this drill, your body will begin to understand how to generate more speed without losing balance and control.


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