Danny Willett: Three steps to pitching it close every time

When I began work on eradicating the inside-and-up takeaway, I spent a lot of time pitching balls – because the pitching motion is slower than the full swing, and the slower you move the club, the more awareness you have of the moves you’re trying to make. If you’re looking to create new movement patterns, work on them first in pitching – it’s just a shorter version of the full swing. Build continuity into your pitching and full swings to increase your consistency. Here are three ways to do it.


1. Set-up neutral

Much of what I’m trying to do in the long game is based around creating a better path through the ball. A ball position marginally forward of centre keeps my shoulders, feet, knees and hips square to the target. My weight slightly favours my left side to brace the position.

2. Keep arms passive

The extended, passive look to my arms shows I’ve not manipulated the club away from the ball: my right elbow is in front of my body, not folded behind it. My lower body hasn’t moved.

3. Gather the ball through impact

I work on feeling my right shoulder, arm and knee ‘gathering’ through impact, moving through as a unit down the target line. When
I get this right, my right heel stays grounded while the right knee works towards the left.

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