Swing on an arc for crisp chips

A common misconception when chipping is that the club and hands have to swing towards the target, but this can lead to inconsistent striking.

Great chipping is all about striking the ball crisply and swinging the club on an arc will help you do this. Your hands will naturally follow on a smaller arc inside, giving you great rhythm and allowing your body and the club to stay connected throughout the swing – crucial for consistency.

Here’s a great drill. Set up some balls like I’ve done here and focus on keeping your hands and club on their respective arcs. The quality and consistency of your chips will improve as a result. 

Swing Arc


1. Angle increase

As the arms swing back the club will gather momentum and you should feel the angle of your right wrist increase naturally.

2. Angle decrease

As you change direction the angle of your right wrist decreases. Feel as though you’re letting the club fall to the ball as you swing back.

3. Ball in centre

Keep the ball position in the centre of your stance in line with the buttons on your shirt (your sternum) for a consistent strike.

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