Stop duffing chips around the green

Learn to get rid of those card-wrecking duffed chip shots with this instruction tip from TG Top 50 Coach Kevin Hale. 

Two mighty blows to the greenside and you can almost smell the pin. Then, for some unaccountable reason, you can’t even get the club cleanly on an unmoving ball below your nose. 

Why you do it

Your wrists can either cock upwards, against the thumbs, or hinge backwards, bowing the lead wrist. This latter is ruinous for chipping because it promotes a low, inside backswing path, delofts the face and creates shaft lean. All of those make a clean strike harder.

Fix it: Cock it Up

Work on using the wrists to cock the handle upwards; unless it’s a very short shot, get the clubhead above your hands. Now you can use the weight of the head to give your action the right momentum and flow. Note too how cocking the wrists puts the hands ‘outside’ the clubhead, while maintaining clubface loft.

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