Improve your chipping with the classic ladder drill

This chipping drill is an oldie but a goodie, helping you dial in your landing zone without having to think about technique.

Chipping should be simple. Getting bogged down with too many technical thoughts or worries will rarely lead to more up-and-downs.

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Very often, you’ll have more success when you shift your attention from your technique to your target; it helps your action become smoother and more rhythmic, and your approach more creative.

The chipping ladder drill is the perfect exercise to train this shift of focus. Simply lie four clubs across you to create three even gaps or landing zones.

Move up and down the ladder, varying your target each time. You will quickly develop a feel for how to adjust rhythm and speed to send the ball different distances, which will help you get your ball closer to the hole, increase your scrambling percentage, and keep your scores down.

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golf chipping ladder drill

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