Pitching: Split your hands for a crisp pitch

The easy way to apply a pure strike around the green

Fault: Thin/ heavy hits from inconsistent attack angles

Fix: Split the hands for a consistent attack and release

A crisp strike around the green comes from applying the sole of your club to the turf with some gentle downward pressure. One method of doing this is to work the lead arm and shoulder up through the ball, allowing the trail arm to react by pushing down.

You can feel how this works by splitting your hands on the grip. I’ve seen this drill instantly improve the striking of poor greenside pitchers – if that’s you, give it a try.

Hands apart

Place the gloved hand normally but move the lower hand down to the end of the grip. The lead arm is primed to rise, the trail arm poised to descend.

Feel how it works

Point both palms down. Rotate your torso while working your lead shoulder and elbow upwards. As you do, feel your trail hand and shoulder work naturally down.

hands apart on the grip

Now hit shots

With hands split, feel how the lead shoulder wants to rise – keeping the wrist firm – while the trail arm responds by pushing downward.

Crisper strike

This extra downward force helps you create a descending attack angle, this trail arm extension encouraging better club head release.

This tip comes from TG Top 50 coach Keith Williams, who is a PGA Master Professional from Hawkstone Park, Shropshire, and is a former European Tour and England National coach.



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