4 Keys to hitting a floaty pitch shot

Follow these four steps to master those impressive high-flying flop shots.

From setting the ball correctly in your stance to getting your weight position right, here are four keys to hitting a floating pitch shot.

Set ball directly below sternum

Lob shots are all about presenting maximum clubface loft. Take a wide stance and are the lead foot towards the target. Shift your lead knee so that it’s directly above your toes and ease weight onto the front foot.

Keep your weight on your front foot throughout

The key thing when you shift your weight onto your front foot is to ensure that your spine angle remains vertical. Just because your weight moves forward, doesn’t mean your left shoulder has to work downwards. Feel it remains high at addres

Maintain full loft on the face

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need lots of wrist action to get the ball into the air. On the contrary, excess hand action often leads to the clubface closing through impact. Focus on controlling the club with your arms and upper body. The feeling is of a ‘scything’ motion – the clubhead sliding underneath the ball, taking its legs away.

Continue your upper body rotation

To maintain the full desired loft on the clubface through impact, you must control the entire swing with your upper body. Continue to rotate your chest towards the target while keeping your hands out of the shot. If you do this correctly, the grooves on the clubface will continue to point towards the sky well into your follow-through.

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