Golf Pitching

  • Strike pitches crisply

    Written by Richard Ellis on Friday 29 October 2010

    To get a solid strike on your pitch shots, the most important thing to achieve is to strike the ball first, the ground second. It goes without saying that the way to do this is to descend the club into the back of the ball. To reinforce this motion into your swing, try the drill in this video tip from TG Elite...

  • Add rhythm to your pitch shots

    Written by Richard Ellis on Friday 29 October 2010

    When playing pitch shots, rhythm is crucial if you are going to achieve the desired distance consistently. Once you’ve acquired rhythm, a simple alteration in the length of swing is all that’s required to alter the distance making it easy to find the flag. To improve your rhythm, try the drill in this video tip from TG Elite Teaching Pro Richard Ellis.

  • Master the short pitch

    Written by Nick Clemens on Friday 16 July 2010

    It’s too long to be a chip shot and it doesn’t require a full swing. The short pitch is one of those awkward prospects that can often wreck the scorecard…but not any more. In this golf video tip, Scoring Zone Instructor Nick Clemens gives you all the tips you need to master the short pitch shot. After watching this clip, you’ll...

  • Master short pitch shots

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Thursday 20 May 2010

    What if we said that the reason you become anxious and mis-strike chip shots is because you’re trying to do it right? You’d probably think we’d gone mad! But in trying to achieve that perfect, ball-then-turf contact, we can sometimes become focused too much on being steep in to the ball, presenting the leading edge of the club to the ground and...

  • Pitching Body Synchronisation

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Thursday 6 August 2009

    Pitch shots tend to go wrong when the arms work independently from the body and the hands get either too far behind or in front of the ball, leading to miss-struck shots. The key to consistent ball striking and getting your ball close to the pin is to get your arms and body working together. Here, we show you how you...

  • Basic Pitch Shot

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Thursday 18 June 2009

    The basic pitch stroke is somewhere between a chip shot and a full swing. It’s what you would call a part swing. An experienced golfer will regulate their stance accordingly to suit the length of the swing. And that’s what will accurately control the distance of your pitches. TG Top 12 Teacher Adrian Fryer shows you how to set-up to the ball...

  • Hit Crisp Pitch Shots

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Monday 18 May 2009

    If you want to hit crisp pitch shots then the club needs to descend on the ball. That means hitting down on a steep path and striking into the back of the ball with commitment. TG Top 12 Teacher Adrian Fryer demonstrates how to steepen your angle of attack into strike a pitch shot by placing an empty club box as a...

  • Butch Harmon Pitching Tip

    Written by Butch Harmon on Thursday 8 January 2009

    I see a lot of average players trying to pitch the ball way up in the air. Then I watch pros at Tour events, and they keep the ball down, so they can better control how far it goes. Sure, sometimes you need a high shot, but your standard pitch should be a lower one that releases and rolls. In...

  • Lob Shot Tuition Tip

    Written by Samantha Head on Thursday 31 July 2008

    Tune into the Ladies British Open at Sunningdale golf club this week and expect to witness a shot-making masterclass. The top lady golfers in the world have teed off in their final Major of the year today and there will be some spectacular shots played around Sunningdale’s tough heathland layout. TG caught up with one or two players practising for the tournament including England’s...

  • 40 Yard Pitch Shot Video Lesson

    Written by Mark Moore on Wednesday 28 May 2008

    When you have an awkward distance pitch into the green it is easy to mess up if you don’t need to hit a full shot. Rudding Park golf course professional Mark Moore has a simple golf tip to help you get more control into a 40 yard pitch shot. Watch this pitch shot video lesson to help your golf game…...

  • Golf Pitching Drill

    Written by Mark Moore on Friday 23 May 2008

    Distance control is the most important factor when it comes to knocking the ball next to the pin with a pitching wedge in your hand. Rudding Park golf course professional Mark Moore has a simple golf pitching drill you can use to improve your technique. Watch this golf pitching video tip to help you.

  • Lob Shot Golf Video Lesson

    Written by Mark Moore on Friday 23 May 2008

    The high flying, soft landing lob shot is a real showman’s shot. This advanced skill will take a bit of practise to master, but once you get the hang of this shot it will be an invaluable part of your short game. Rudding Park golf course professional Mark Moore has a simple drill you can use to learn how to play the lob...

  • Improve your pitch shots

    Written by Nick Clemens on Wednesday 7 May 2008

    Do you struggle with your pitch shots? Watch this Nick Clemens golf video tip to improve your pitch shots… The aim of this tip is to improve your pitching and ball striking. Place a tee in the centre of your stance to represent the ball and place a second tee 3 inches forward of the first. The aim of the drill is...

  • Chipping Control

    Written by Nick Clemens on Monday 5 May 2008

    To become a better chipper you must improve your feel and control around the greens. There are a few simple basics you must get right, after that practice will be easy! Simply line up three balls. Take one club and then proceed to hit each ball to a different distance. For example, hit the first ball 10ft the second one 20ft...

  • Cut Your Score 3 – Learn the high lob shot

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Wednesday 2 May 2007

    The golf lob shot is a handy tool to have in your bag. It’s a real showman’s shot and one which will really impress your mates, if you can pull it off. You need confidence and commitment to execute the lob shot with flair. Scott Cranfield gives you some simple tips to make it easier… Step One: When making this shot everything...