Haotong Li: ‘Swing within yourself for more accurate iron shots’

Haotong Li: ‘Swing within yourself for more accurate iron shots’ 

I’ve been working hard with my coach Jamie Gough to become a more accurate iron player. The control and consistency with your irons front to back is as important as your dispersion from left to right. It helps to take a bit off your shots to add more control.

The tendency for amateurs when they try to hit irons a bit softer is the body stops rotating on the way down, the arms take over and the ball goes left. This is how I add control and swing within myself.

Choke Down

Gripping two inches lower makes the club shorter so it’s easier to control the head as it’s closer to your hands. It slightly reduces clubhead speed and spin so you’ll lose about five yards and produce a more penetrating ball flight.

Embrace A Fade

Distance control with irons is easier with a consistent fade than a draw. It also helps the ball land softly. I’ve strengthened my left-hand grip a little to stabilise the face so it stays squarer for longer.

Make A Shorter Backswing

A three-quarter backswing also takes speed out of the swing and spin off the ball, but in a way that allows you to still swing normally in the downswing so your body keeps rotating. This is especially useful when you’re playing in the wind.

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