Molinari: 5 Ways to hit fairways and greens

Francesco Molinari: “I like simple swing thoughts and ideas. Here are my golden rules to play your best”

Follow these five rules from Francesco Molinari to play your best golf. 

#1: Take Your Range Shot To The Course

When you’re on the range before you play, look carefully at what the ball is doing. You’ll most likely find that one predominant shot shape comes easily to you on the day. That’s just how golf is. Instead of trying to fight it, like a lot of players do, just go with it and use it to your advantage off  the tee and into the greens.

#2: Dial Down Your Swing Speed 

Another simple score saver is to swing within yourself. Take your normal swing speed and just take it down a notch. Another tip: Don’t try and do anything you are not comfortable doing. If you play your own game and to your own strengths, you will score better.

#3: Get Your Clubs Custom Fitted 

I play with so many amateurs who tell me they don’t believe they’re good enough for custom fitting or that it won’t make any difference to their game. Believe me, it does and it will at any level. If you’re going to hit poor shots, make sure it’s because of your swing and not your equipment

#4: Always Play For The Middle Of The Green

For the average golfer, the secret to hitting more greens is picking a club that should find the safety of the middle of the green. You shouldn’t always just go for the flags because, very often, in doing so you can end up in all kinds of trouble. Always play to the distance of the middle of the green. Percentage-wise it’s more simple and is likely to give you a better scoring chance than going, say, for a short flag and coming up short, or going for a back flag and flying the green

#5: Stick To One Simple Swing Thought

My personal swing thought is to focus on hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface. It’s really as simple as that. No complex swing plane or takeaway thoughts. If you can get clean contact every time, you get more consistency in shape and distance control. Even half- decent contact on the ball will rule out a disaster scenario.

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