• Putting Grip

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 22 May 2009

    The putting grip is not for power like a full shot, it’s designed for control, for stability and to improve your feel. As a result the way you hold the putter is completely different from the way you grip an iron or a driver. TG Top 12 Teacher Adrian Fryer shows you how to place the putter correctly in your hands...

  • Putting Aim

    Written by TG Top 12 Teacher Adrian Fryer on Friday 22 May 2009

    In order to improve your aim on the putting green it is important to get your eyes positioned directly over the ball. If your head is too close or too far away from the ball this can distort your view of the putt and make green reading hard.

  • Long Iron Putting Drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Monday 18 May 2009

    When it comes to putting instruction the common tips are to keep your head still and make a pendulum stroke. But instead of rehearsing the obvious, why not try something different and focus on a a different area of the body that has a massive impact on the putting stroke – the area around your belt buckle. TG Top 12 Teacher Dan Frost...

  • Cure Your Putting Yips

    Written by Dan Frost on Friday 8 May 2009

    The yips occur when the right hand takes over and releases the putter uncontrollably. It’s like electric in your hands. If this horror scenario sounds familiar, then listen up. There is a simple putting drill you can use to cure your affliction. It involves changing your grip. TG Top 12 Teacher Dan Frost demonstrates how using a paddle-style grip can have a massive impact on...

  • Rock The Putter Practice Drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Friday 8 May 2009

    We’ve all been given the piece of advice to rock our shoulders with a putter in hand, but it can be pretty hard to master. To make this move easier TG Top 12 Teacher Dan Frost has a simple drill using an old golf shaft you can try. Simply place the shaft under your armpits and make your stroke. Watch this putting...

  • Two Thumb Putting Grip

    Written by Johan Edfors on Tuesday 5 May 2009

    I had a tendency to get open in the shoulders which would lead to me pulling putts. I tried cross-handed for a while and that squared them up nicely, but it never felt comfortable. My coach suggested the grip that you see here. It’s one that he had used for some time and I find it much more comfortable than the...

  • Putting Distance Control Made Easier

    Written by Graeme Storm on Tuesday 28 April 2009

    I had a patch last season when I found that I was losing my feel for the distance putts. I struggled to get the pace right and kept leaving myself tricky ones coming back. A tip my manager, Chubby Chandler, gave me was to try and visualise the ball ‘just dropping into the hole’. That thought helps you to imagine a...

  • The Pure Roll Putt

    Written by Hugh Marr on Monday 30 March 2009

    Club golfers are obsessed with striking putts with topspin. However, the true path to a pure roll lies more in removing backswing than applying topspin. And note it well: generating pure roll comes from your set-up and shaft angle – NOT through manipulating the stroke. Club: Putter Rhythm: Smooth Key concept: Return shaft to address at impact Set-up Promote an ascending blow, with...

  • How To Fix Your Putting

    Written by Cristie Kerr on Friday 20 March 2009

    Putting is my favourite part of the game. But I struggled some in 2007 despite the good things that happened to me – getting married and winning my first Major, the U.S. Women’s Open. Like our amateur counterparts, we pros have trouble sticking to a practise routine. I became less focused and got away from doing the drills that made...

  • Make Those Clutch Putts

    Written by Ian Poulter on Thursday 5 March 2009

    I made two putts last year which were both absolutely huge; the biggest I’ve ever made in my career. The first came in July at the Open at Royal Birkdale. It was an 18-footer and, at the time, I thought if I could make it I might win the Open. I looked at the line and thought it was just outside...

  • Colin Montgomerie Putting Tips

    Written by Colin Montgomerie on Monday 12 January 2009

    ‘I’ve done this thousands of times’ In 2004, I was given the opportunity to hole the winning putt at the Ryder Cup. It was on the last green at Oakland Hills and it was a curling five footer – one horrible distance whatever your handicap because those are expected to go in. Once I’d agreed with Alister, my caddie, that...

  • Stop Missing Short Putts

    Written by Dan Frost on Monday 10 November 2008

    There’s nothing more frustrating than playing a hole well only to miss a simple two-footer on the green. These testing little putts are often missed due to anxiety. The golfer looks up too soon after striking the putt to see if it drops in the hole. The secret to holing out from close range is to keep your eyes down fixed on...

  • Putting Distance Control Drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Monday 10 November 2008

    Most three putts are the result of poor distance control. Leaving your first putt short or long leaves too much work to hole out in two. To improve your long range putting you must work on your distance control. TG Top 12 Teaching Professional Dan Frost has a simple drill you can take to the practice green to help you learn...

  • Putting Body Alignment Drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Monday 10 November 2008

    Many poor putters struggle on the greens because they have too much lower body movement in their stroke. The ideal movement comes from the upper body, keeping the lower body still. This allows a simple back and through pendulum putting stroke. TG Top 12 Teaching Professional Dan Frost demonstrates a great drill you can use to minimise your body movement and start holing...

  • Putting Grip

    Written by Dan Frost on Monday 10 November 2008

    If you want to hole more putts then it is really important to grip the putter correctly. Do so and you’ll keep the hands nice and neutral on the club. Where most amateurs go wrong is they grip the putter in a similar fashion to an iron or wood. This encourages the hands to rotate, a big no-no in the putting...

  • Toothpaste tip for putting feel

    Written by Dan Frost on Tuesday 14 October 2008

    It’s hard to describe in words the correct feel for putting with the right pressure on the grip. But it is crucial to putting. An easy way to get the correct grip pressure is to hold a tube of toothpaste in your hands. You want to grip the toothpaste tight enough that the tube is firmly in your hands without any paste...

  • How To Hole Pressure Putts

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Thursday 4 September 2008

    As cruel as it may seem, matchplay games may well come down to those four to five foot putts. You may have been hitting the ball great all day, driving every fairway and finding every green, but if you can’t hole the putts under pressure you’ll lose. Putting well under pressure all boils down to routine. If you can get into a...

  • How To Avoid The Missed Short Putt

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Friday 1 August 2008

    We all know how annoying it is to miss one of those short putts. They really can make or break a round. To become proficient at holing out testers every time you need a sound technique and strong mentality. Improve both these aspects of your game by viewing this video instruction tip on how to avoid the missed short putt.

  • How To Avoid Three Putts

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Tuesday 29 July 2008

    Three putting is one of the biggest waste of shots on the golf course. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the green in regulation with two putts for a par, only to wind up taking three putts or worse and walk off feeling that you are frittering shots away. Most club golfers average two three putts a round and we should...

  • Putting Alignment Video Tip

    Written by Lee Scarbrow on Monday 23 June 2008

    Great putting and great alignment go hand in hand. If you can’t aim the putter correctly then you will seriously struggle to hole putts with any consistency. Great alignment isn’t just about getting the putter aiming at the hole, it’s about aiming your whole body square to the target. TG Top 12 teaching professional Lee Scarbrow has a simple putting drill you...

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