Cut Your Score 2 – Knock Your Long Putts Dead

The main reason we three-putt is because we don’t knock our first putt close enough and put undue pressure on our second putt. When this happens it’s not your stroke to blame, it’s your pace control. You can practice getting perfect distance control on all lengths of putts by using this simple putting drill, says Scott Cranfield.

Step One

One of the most common mistakes with long putts is to leave the ball short. You need to take a longer stroke with longer putts. However, this will create a risk of miss-hitting the ball. Follow the tips below to help render this.

Step Two

You should setup with the ball slightly forward in your stance, this will help create topspin and a better movement.

Step Three

Have your wrists slightly looser that usual to gain the club speed required and have you stance slightly wider to prevent movement in the legs.

Step Four

Finally, keep your eyes fixed on the centre of the ball, this will ensure that you make contact with the right part of your putter. 

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