The perfect putting routine

Putting is the most important part of your golf game for lowering your scores and this weeks’s Golf Tip of the Week shows you the perfect putting routine.

Nike Tour pro Marc Warren spent time taking us through his pre-putt routine as he warmed up for the Volvo Masters last week. We captured it all on video for you and below you can watch how Warren approaches every single putt he takes and explains why routine is so important to more consistent putting.

Marc Warren’s pre-putt routine:

1. As soon as Marc approaches his ball he marks it, picks it up and ensures it is clean off any dirt or grass. He then places the ball back down so that all markings on the golf ball are hidden from view and he is left looking over a pure white golf ball.

2. He then follows the line of the ball to the hole to work out if there is any break on the putt. If there is, as there is in this instance (the green slopes right to left), then he follows the slope with his eyes to work out where he needs to aim to get the golf ball to the hole.

3. With a good idea of the contours of the green Marc then stands behind the ball for one last look and he envisages a thin blue line running from the ball into the hole, which will be his line to hit.

4. He then focuses on the back of the hole and steps over the golf ball, never taking his eyes off that spot at the back of the hole. Marc then has a practice ‘putt’ along the thin blue line he can see in his head steps straight over the ball focuses on the spot again and putts.

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