Roll your putts on line

Do you suffer from…

1. Putts hit frequently off line.

Why does this happen?

You’re hitting putts off line because you have an inconsistent putting stroke. Your body is too involved and you have too much hip rotation and head movement. To combat this, your hands tend to become active to try and square the clubface.

The Fix: 3 checkpoints – grip, stance and stroke.

To keep the wrists quiet and shoulders in control of the stroke, try holding the putter in the palms of your hands.

Try and make sure the top of the back and the neck are flat and the peak of the cap is pointing directly down. This will ensure your head is in the correct position, with the eyes directly over the ball.


Place a dowell rod or cane in the loops of your belt when you practice. This will help you keep the hips quiet during the putting stroke by giving you a visual aid to see if the hips rotate.

Throughout the stroke, the dowell rod should remain horizontal which means the hips have not rotated or tilted during the stroke. By doing this, you will improve the consistency of strike on the ball and help to keep the clubface square through impact.

The Outcome

By using just a rocking motion of the shoulders to create the putting stroke, the angle of the wrists and putter shaft remains constant throughout. This, along with the wrists staying quiet and not breaking down through impact, will help return the putter face on the same line as it was at address.

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