• Lighten your grip pressure when putting

    Written by Chris Ryan on Wednesday 22 August 2012

    Golfers that grip the putter too tightly will reduce feel and often have poor tempo and rhythm in their strokes. Ideally, you want to adopt as light a grip pressure as possible on the greens, almost feeling as though the putter is heavy in your hands. In this video tip from TG Elite Pro Chris Ryan, you’ll learn a couple of...

  • Putt with a stable lower half

    Written by Chris Ryan on Wednesday 22 August 2012

    Swinging the putter on the correct path and returning the face to square at impact relies on the number of moving body parts being reduced as much as possible. The arms will move but only as a result of the back and shoulder muscles but what certainly should not move is the legs. Too often, amateur players try to get a...

  • Connect the chest and shoulder to hole putts

    Written by Chris Ryan on Thursday 16 August 2012

    A common cause of missed putts from short range is a disconnection between the chest and left shoulder. This separation is what causes the clubface to rotate excessively through impact, leading to putts that miss both left and right. A good drill to feel whether this fault occurs during your swing is to place your right hand on the point of...

  • Practice putting with a secondary target

    Written by Chris Ryan on Thursday 16 August 2012

    Putting it close from long range depends on two things being achieved. A correct read of the green followed by a good stroke with the ball being struck on the sweetspot of the putter. This drill from TG Elite Pro Chris Ryan will test both of these factors on the practice green. Give yourself a long putt and read the break.

  • Improve your putting distance control

    Written by Kevin Flynn on Friday 10 August 2012

    PlaneTruth Pro Kevin Flynn talks us through his simple yet effective putting drill to improve distance control and stroke consistency. First he lays down two long irons, before putting in four tees at even intervals. He then makes his backswing to the butt of the irons, before completing his normal follow through. The key here is to repeat the length of the...