Build a solid base

Build a solid base


Fault: Your stroke breaks down when trying to hole important putts from inside six feet.

Fix: From a pro trying to seal a Major to an amateur trying to win a few quid from their mates, we all get nervous when holing out. The most common error I see in this situation is watching the ball the moment it leaves the putter face, which tends to lead to lots of body movement. A great way to counter this tendency is something I call ‘locking and rocking’. Here’s how it works.

 Lock and rock


 Spinning out

Putting Tips   Putting Tips

Step 1: Lock it
Lay the foundations in your set-up. Put your insteps under your shoulders and feel your lower body is set in concrete.

Step 2: Rock it
With your lower body set firm, simply focus on rocking your shoulders back and through.


Often under pressure, we’re so desperate for the ball to drop that we look after it, lifting our head and opening up our body. It totally ruins the precision of the stroke and your chances of holing out.


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