Improve your long distance putting

Paul Waring: ‘Think ‘solid wrists’ to improve your long-range distance control’

“I often see amateurs move the putter head away from the ball quite quickly with the hands and wrists”, says Waring.

“That creates inconsistent clubhead speed, making it very difficult to control distance. Pros and good putters almost lock their arms against their torso and move the putter with the big muscles by rocking their shoulders while keeping the wrists very solid.

“This makes it much easier to control the speed of the putter head so there’s a steady and gradual acceleration into the ball and consistent distance control. The putter must move at a similar pace to the speed you want the ball to come off the face.


“If your backswing is short and quick, your stroke will be quick and jabby. If it’s too long and deliberate, your stroke will be too slow and you can’t accurately control ball speed. You want the putter head so it’s almost brushing the grass to facilitate contact on the up, which gets the ball rolling purely. The quicker it gets rolling the more consistent you will be.”

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