• Start making the putts you miss

    Wednesday 27 February 2019

    Five steps to restoring confidence on the greens From learning to control the putter face to fixing your posture, getting the right grip and the best tips for practice, here are five simple steps for restoring your confidence on the greens.  #1: Learn to control the putter face Your hands need to work together when you putt. A good approach is to think...

  • 4 ways to get a smoother putting stroke

    Wednesday 30 January 2019

    Four ways to get a smoother putting stroke One of the putting trends my colleagues and I have noticed in recent years is more and more club golfers getting ‘stuck’ over the ball on putts. That tends to mean a jerky start to the stroke, compromised rhythm and poor pace control. So here are four tactics you can use to eliminate...

  • Matt Kuchar’s arm lock putting method

    Monday 14 January 2019

    Matt Kuchar: Try my ‘arm lock’ method for better putting Matt Kuchar is one of the most well-known golfers for using an armlock putter, and having success with it. Let’s see what advice the 9-time PGA Tour winner has to help you putt better. In 2010 I finished top of the PGA Tour Money List putting cack-handed with a conventional putter. Towards...